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Democratic Republic of Congo: a melting pot of conflict

A young mother holds her baby in the background and a tired-looking young girl sits in the foreground

Once a peaceful lakeside town, the town of Bweremana has become a dumping ground for rebels and soldiers. We are working with the community to fight for their rights.

Locals left hungry

Farming pioneers: making every drop count

Pauline and Kenneth Ndlovu

When water is scarce, you have to make every drop count. That's why many communities in Africa are turning to conservation farming.

Success stories

A welcome water supply for Malawi farmers

A close up of Magalita, a mother from Malawi

Malawi farmers rely on rainfall to grow crops to feed their families. With increasingly erratic rain, we have worked with local families to build an irrigation system, providing a more secure supply of water.

Access to water

A new voice for women in Ethiopia

A young Ethiopian woman with her cattle and goat

Adi Duba is a widow and a mother of five. Living as a single widow is tough in Ethiopia, but after receiving livestock from our partner, she has gained respect in her community and can speak up for herself and for women's rights.

Living independently

Sustainable solutions for Malawi rice farmers

Rice farmers in Malawi

Through savings and loans schemes, farmers like Nellie are being given the opportunity to make a secure income.

Farming support

DRC: home for Christmas at last

Benita Maombi and her children

Conflict forced Benita Maombi from her home in the Democratic Republic of Congo but now, 18 years later, she has returned to her village. Our partner, BOAD, is supporting her community to re-establish their livelihoods.

Farming support

Ethiopia: from relief to resilience

Aster Bariso and her young daughter

Life is a struggle for mother of two, Aster Bariso, 20. After a disastrous harvest in 2011, emergency food packages provided by our partner were vital to keep the most vulnerable members of her family alive.

Aster's story

Safer farming practices in Ghana

Samson in his maize field

Organic farming methods are increasingly ending poor farmers' reliance on dangerous chemical pesticides, improving their health and their livelihoods.

Samson's story

Ghana: Where there’s food, there’s hope

Fuseini Fatmata at school

How a school feeding programme is providing hope to the children of Gbanyamni Primary School in Ghana, but needs tax justice to feed more hungry children it has yet to reach.

Fuseini's story

Kenya: happy, healthy and living with HIV

Alice Awino

Alice Awino no longer views being HIV-positive as a death sentence. She has access to free antiretroviral drugs and a healthy diet, and is able to provide for her six children.

Can't you see I'm strong?

Hopes and wishes for South Sudan

Jonglei South Sudan April 2012

The people of Murle county, South Sudan, have been devastated by violence and are 'facing starvation'. A Christian Aid partner gives an eyewitness report of the situation.

South Sudan

Zimbabwe: Election 2013

ZPP logo

Christian Aid partner Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP), which monitors human rights violations and politically motivated breaches of the peace, is raided by police ahead of general elections.

Appeal for solidarity

Kenyan elections approach

Rose Mungai

Kenya's 2007 presidential election was followed by a period of violence. As new elections approach on 4 March, Christian Aid partners are monitoring the situation in potential hotspots.

Restraint urged

Training provides food for the future

Samuel Gatare feeding one of his goats

Samuel Gatare, guardian to eight children, reflects on life. Having started with a plot of land too small to provide enough food, with help from Christian Aid partner Barakabaho, he now has a two-hectare farm full of fresh produce.

Enough food for all

Ethiopian couple find love through partner group

Hadji Abdela and support group member, Nasir

Matchmaking Muslim cleric Hadji Abdela Hassen introduced Leila and Nasir at a Christian Aid partner support group in Ethiopia. They fell in love and went on to get married.

Discover the pair's story

Ethiopian self-help group means food for all

Ethiopian woman Mariama Said

Mariama Said reflects on her family's life before joining a self-help group set up by Christian Aid partner, the Women Support Association in southern Ethiopia.

Read Mariama's inspiring story

Zimbabwe I-stories: 20 months on

Mother and child

Young Zimbabweans move towards peaceful political involvement.

Read more

From child soldier to role model

Peter Bray child soldier

How one man's journey is a symbol of hope for South Sudan.

Educating the next generation

Refugees and HIV

Angelina Terso

Escaping the civil war in Sudan made thousands vulnerable.

Fighting stigma

Ghanaian Christian Aid partner wins award

SEND ghana

Christian Aid partner, SEND-Ghana, has been awarded the 2010 ONE Africa Award to recognise their remarkable work in advancing the Millennium Development Goals.

Read more

Christian Aid welcomes a BBC apology to Band Aid Trust

Women at the Bulki Service Cooperative get their flour weighed at the cooperative grinding mill in 1987

Christian Aid welcomes a BBC apology for broadcasting claims that much of the famine relief sent to Ethiopia in 1985 was diverted to rebel forces.

BBC apology in detail

Mourning the death of Angolan partner

Friar João Domingos

Christian Aid mourns the death of Friar João Domingos, former head of Christian Aid partner Institute of Religious Sciences of Angola (ICRA).

Read more

Using music and cartoons to fight malaria and HIV

Malaria video

How music and animation is helping to save people's lives in the fight against malaria.

Watch animation

Zimbabwe I-stories

Zimbabwe I-stories

Young Zimbabweans bravely share their experiences in a move to promote peaceful political engagement in deeply scarred communities.

View audio-slideshow

Our response to claims about diverted aid in Ethiopia

Women at the Bulki Service Cooperative get their flour weighed at the cooperative grinding mill in 1987

Christian Aid responds to the recent claims that aid funds were misused in the 1984 famine relief effort.

Read more

Solar energy in Malawi

Working the land in Malawi

A solar-driven water project is helping people in central Malawi.

Read more

Water security in Ethiopia

Water supply in Ethiopia provided by EOC-DICAC

A water sanitation project has brought clean water and greater security to the women of Ethiopia.

Water security in Ethiopia

Climate change in Tanzania

Climate change is a growing problem in Tanzania

Erratic weather patterns are taking their toll on farmers in Tanzania. See how our partners are helping them to adapt.

Climate change in Tanzania

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