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The Embera indigenous people of Colombia

Colombia’s 40 year armed conflict has displaced four million people. Most of those forced to leave their homes come from rural areas. They leave behind their homes and possessions as well as their land, which is the source of their livelihoods.

The Embera indigenous people who inhabit the Quibdo-Atrato region have endured regular battles between the army, paramilitaries and guerrillas for the last 30 years. The conflict has changed their way of life.

They live in areas rich in natural resources such as gold, molybdenum and copper and so they get caught in the crossfire, as mining and palm oil companies seize their lands.

We believe that the struggle for survival of indigenous people in their territory is the basis for life and development of their ancestral cultures.

Embera indigenous people

An Embera girl. For decades this indigenous group has been affected by conflict. Photo: Sean Hawkey/ACT

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