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Eyewitness - Asia

Find out more about our work in Asia.

Philippines: Living on the edge

Racky and his daughter Darlene

Communities are learning to prepare for natural disasters, planning escape routes and reducing their vulnerability to extreme weather events.

Evacuation plans

World AIDS Day 2014: Living with HIV in Myanmar

Ester Jima at summer camp

The Positive Living Centre provides support to people living with HIV, including running a summer camp to educate children about the virus and help them meet new friends.

Counselling and education

Living a positive life in Myanmar

Hkawn Raw volunteers at an HIV support centre in Myanmar

The vital role volunteers play in supporting and educating communities affected by HIV in Myanmar.

A positive life

From surviving to thriving in Myanmar

A woman from Myanmar feeds two pigs

Thanks to money raised in Christian Aid Week 2012 and UK Aid Match funding, mother of four Asar Mi now has a successful pig rearing business so she can provide for her family.

A brighter future

Thai-Burma border: refugee camp fire kills 36

Thai-Burma border camp fire

Christian Aid is sad to learn of the tragic deaths of 36 Burmese refugees, following a fire at Ban Mae Surin refugee camp, Mae Hong Son Province, north-west Thailand.

Close knit community

Cambodia's great land grab: going hungry in a green and pleasant land

Cambodian farmer Yom Lay

Imagine if more than half of Britain's countryside, our 'green and pleasant land', had been bought up by private companies to grow food for export, while 40% of our children were chronically malnourished.

Land rights

Success in Iraq: empowering communities

Anwar Ismail Omar, a 44-year-old farmer and campaigner from Iraq

How Anwar Ismail Omar, a 44-year-old famer from Iraq, has improved the lives of his whole community with support from Christian Aid partner REACH.

Empowering communities

New international convention agreed to protect domestic workers

Domestic worker in the Middle East

On 16 June 2011, the International Labour Organization (ILO) adopted a new Convention for domestic workers, fulfilling a goal that Christian Aid and our partners have been pressing for.

Campaign success

‘Nine Thousand Nights’ on the Thai-Burma border

TBBC book

The Thailand Burma Border Consortium has published ‘Nine Thousand Nights: Refugees from Burma, A People’s Scrapbook’, celebrating the extraordinary resilience and dignity of the Burmese refugees.

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Philippines: an urban reality

Girl in Slum

For the Philippines, rural poverty, unemployment, and hunger are driving poor people to the cities. As numbers increase, the government drive the masses to overcrowded, polluted and dangerous relocation sites.

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Burma’s refugees


Find out about Kho Ray, who has spent his whole life living in a refugee camp on the Thai/Burma border.

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Rights and justice: rural radio

Thousands of villagers are tuning into a new rural radio station in India

A pioneering all-women community radio station has been set up in rural India with the help of Christian Aid.

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