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Africa and HIV: Securing a better life for the most vulnerable

Orphans at a school in KenyaSince the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, HIV has orphaned more than 14 million children in sub-Saharan Africa.

Christian Aid has worked with local organisations in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and Zambia since 2005 to support more than 33,000 children and young people orphaned or made vulnerable by virus. Funding provided by USAID has now ended and Christian Aid is urgently looking for other sources of support to enable this critical work to continue.

Over five years the programme has provided children and their carers with support for education, health and nutrition. And for parents living with HIV and other carers, Savings and Loans Associations have helped them to earn an income and provide for their children’s needs.

In Kenya this work is carried out by BIDII - which takes its name from a Swahili word meaning 'effort' - and Inter-Diocesan Christian Community Services. From ensuring Arsenal fan Joseph Nwangangi can go to school and further his dream of attending university to enabling orphan Mbithe Nzako to hold her head up high again, they are bringing real change in the lives of vulnerable children across Kenya.   

Video series: orphaned by HIV

There are six videos in the series. To watch more, simply use the arrows each side of the video and scroll through the films.


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