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Malaria prevention along Zambia's borders

One in every five childhood deaths in Zambia is due to malaria, and one out of every four outpatient cases in Zambia is attributable to the disease, creating a vast burden on the government's health budget.

In July 2010, Christian Aid launched the Isdell:Flowers Cross Border Malaria Initiative (CBMI), co-funded by the JC Flowers Foundation, Coke Africa Foundation and others.

The CBMI is an ambitious contribution to a wider coordinated national effort that seeks an end to malaria-related deaths, and towards eliminating the impact of the disease from the country altogether.

Our partner the Zambia Anglican Council (ZAC) is working in four districts bordering on Namibia and Angola. 

The scheme's initial aim is to reduce malaria prevalence by 40% in these areas by December 2011. 


100 Malaria Control Agents 

This video features Lui River, a swampy area comprising of seven small communities in Zambia's Western Province, near to the Angolan border.

It is typical of the targeted communities, far from an urban centre and difficult to reach due to poor or non-existent roads, and so easily missed out by other malaria prevention initiatives in the country.

ZAC's community-based network of 100 trained community volunteers, known as Malaria Control Agents (MCAs), are elected by, and work within, their own communities. This means their position is respected, their advice well received and they are always on hand to others for help and assistance.

Their activities include distributing insecticide-treated nets and educating families on the signs and symptoms of malaria. 


Mosquitoes know no borders

Another objective of the CBMI is to stop the disease from spreading across porous national borders.

Making use of the strength of church networks across the borders with neighbouring countries, such as Angola and Namibia, it will help to establish a coordinated effort to ensure that malaria is controlled on both sides of the border.


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