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HIV projects under threat

Two women from Sudan affected by HIV stigmaOn World AIDS Day 2010 (1 December), Christian Aid called on donor governments to maintain their commitments to the fight against HIV.

In the current financial climate, it is tempting for governments to reduce their spending on international development and focus their energies at home.

The UK government has been brave in maintaining its commitment to spend 0.7% GNP on development. However, it is unclear how much will be channelled towards diseases of poverty such as HIV.

Our work under threat

Despite recent successes, HIV continues to pervade the every day lives of millions globally. 

There is a very real danger that we could lose significant gains if funding for HIV is not maintained, or indeed scaled-up.

If funding levels are not maintained by donors our important work around the world with faith leaders to tackle stigma about HIV, on education to help raise awareness about the disease and caring for the children orphaned by HIV, will be under threat and may have to stop altogether.


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Linneth from Bolivia, living with HIV

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