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Tackling malaria: stories of success

Here we chronicle the lives of those living in two remote communities in Zambia's Western Province.

In the heart of Lui River and Simulumbe, we hear first-hand tales of the courage and commitment that have helped tackle malaria.


Minimising malaria risk to new life

Musiyebo Mutaba

Health volunteers use nets, rapid tests and anti-malaria drugs to help keep pregnant women safe from the disease.

Treating pregnant women

Living with HIV and tackling malaria

Two children in their home

After being diagnosed HIV-positive and suffering several bouts of malaria, George Libitaslilo became a health volunteer, raising awareness of malaria among his community in Zambia.

Making a difference

Recognising the signs of malaria

Mwananyambe Mwangala examines the suitability of a mosquito net

Kelezo Nganga, who lost her first son to malaria, is now a community health volunteer trained to prevent and treat the disease in her community of Lui River.

Kelezo's story

Couple fighting malaria on the banks of the Lui River

Mr and Mrs Sitali at Lui River's rural health clinic

Mufalo and Mwitumwa Sitali are a husband-and-wife team who comprise the only trained medical staff at the rural health clinic in Lui River, Zambia.

Devoted duo

A simple test to save lives

Innocent, with fellow malaria control agent Mwangal, carries out a rapid diagnostic test

Rapid diagnostic tests are a vital part of the life-saving work of malaria control agents. Health volunteer Innocent Mulonda Mulonda explains why.

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The importance of using mosquito nets

Malaria control agents discover some damage to a mosquito net

View our gallery of malaria control agents Innocent and Mwangala at work in Lui River, Zambia. These dedicated volunteers travel around villages distributing nets and educating families on the signs and symptoms of malaria.

In pictures

Tackling malaria: stories of success

Malaria control agents in Zambia's Western Province

How dedicated health volunteers are making a difference in Zambia's remote communities.

Tackling malaria

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