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Nets for Life in Nigeria

Nigeria accounts for one in four of all malaria cases in Africa and with some three million people living with HIV in the country, HIV and malaria combined account for 179,000 deaths in Nigeria every year.

The result is more than one million orphaned children.

The Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria quotes malaria as the leading cause of mortality and morbidity in the country.

Nigeria is one of five countries (along with DRC, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania) responsible for 50% of all malarial deaths worldwide.


Nets for Life

Nets for Life is a consortium of funding and implementing partners that work through churches and ecumenical partners in Africa to mobilise grassroots communities to take action on malaria.

The project seeks to equip vulnerable families with treated nets and to educate communities about malaria, both how to prevent it and how to treat it.

Christian Aid has been running the Nets for Life programme in Nigeria and Uganda since 2007. The programme was introduced to Christian Aid partners in Nigeria already working with orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV.



The Anglican Diocese Development Services Edo (ADDSE), based in Edo State, whose work features in the video above, has contributed to the distribution of over 400,000 nets to date as part of this work.

Education is paramount

Education is a key component of the project – helping to raise awareness about transmission, prevention and treatment.

In some parts of Nigeria, people are wary of using the nets because there is a traditional view that nets are used to bury the dead.

Nets for Life community demonstrations have helped to break down these perceptions and educated people about the benefits of using them. 


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