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Faith leaders challenge HIV stigma and discrimination

High levels of stigma are a barrier to an effective response to HIV, discouraging people from getting tested and preventing open discussion about the virus.

Christian Aid has been working with faith leaders to challenge discrimination and promote care and support across communities.

Bordering countries with high levels of HIV, Sudan and South Sudan sees many new cases of the virus each month. When the epidemic began, Sudan was in the midst of civil war and ill-prepared to educate its population.

Today, awareness about HIV is low and levels of discrimination are high. Christian Aid works with Muslim and Christian faith leaders who are capitalising on the respect they command within society to challenge stigma and encourage people to care for and support people living with the virus.

While Christian Aid has secured funding for work with religious leaders in Sudan and South Sudan, commitment is needed from donors if we are to continue supporting this important work around the world.

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Linneth from Bolivia, living with HIV

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