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Stigma Under the Lens slideshows

To mark World AIDS Day 2011, Christian Aid and Magnum Photos put HIV-related Stigma Under the Lens in a series of thought-provoking audio-photographic slideshows.

The slideshows tell the stories of brave people around the world who are living with HIV under the shadow of stigma.

Why stigma?

There have been many medical advances in the 30 years since HIV was first identified, but stigma remains the biggest barrier to people around the world accessing life-saving treatment.

In our slideshows, you'll be able to watch, hear and explore testimonies of discrimination by friends, family and society at large in Kenya, Bolivia, Tajikistan, India and right here in the UK.

The stories examine how stigma manifests itself in everyday life for someone who has HIV, and go some way to explaining why thousands of people would rather not know their status than face discrimination at home, in their community, at work and within their faith.

'The reason I don't want to apply for a job is because I don't want to tell them I am HIV positive. I am frightened. I am not strong enough. I don't want to feel that discrimination.'

Lineth, living with HIV in Bolivia


Magnum Photos

Magnum Photos logo Christian Aid partnered with Magnum photographers Peter van Agtmael, Olivia Arthur, Alessandra Sanguinetti and Patrick Zachmann to create Stigma under the lens. Meet the Magnum photographers behind the lens:

Magnum Photos