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Remarkable progress has been made in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the last decade, yet it remains one of the world’s biggest killers.

Join us this World Aids Day to find out more about our work on HIV.

World AIDS Day 2014

Ester Jima at summer camp

The Positive Living Centre provides vital support to people living with HIV.

World AIDS Day 2013

Living with HIV in Kenya

Nearly 10 million people can now access HIV treatment, but millions more need it.

Radio Ivyizigiro brings hope

Aline Nahimana taking part in a radio programme

Radio programmes reduce HIV stigma in Burundi.

HIV: the problem

Carer and person with HIV in Zambia

Christian Aid's work on HIV and other poverty-related diseases.

HIV: preventing mother to child transmission

Anastasia Simbeye with her brother and mother

Two HIV-positive parents in Malawi speak out.

Girls Building Bridges

Dilza da Silva with friends

Young women learn skills to break the cycle of poverty and exclusion.

Faith leaders in Burundi

BUNERELA+ member Pastor Tharcisse Harerimana delivers a sermon

A network for those with, or affected, by AIDS.

Stigma in church

Reverend Delroy Harris talking to one of his congregation

How homophobia and ignorance about HIV lets discrimination thrive in Jamaica.

Linneth from Bolivia, living with HIV

Stigma Under the Lens

Explore audio-photographic stories from brave people around the world, who are living with HIV under the shadow of stigma.


Prayers for HIV and AIDS

Pray for those affected by HIV and AIDS.


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