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Keeping the promises: what next?

 10 December 2012

As we reflect on the resounding success of the Jan Satyagraha march, India’s March for Justice that came to a victorious end two months ago, the hard work for Ekta Parishad is far from over. In fact, it ratchets up a notch.

Ramesh Sharma, Ekta Parishad’s Jan Satyagraha Campaign Coordinator, is one of six civil society members who now sit on the Task Force group – half civil society, half government – set up to ensure the terms laid out in the agreement signed in Agra on 11 October are acted upon.

Just one week after the signing, the Task Force met for the first time, and on that evening, India communications offer, Sarah Filbey, met with Ramesh to review the gripping events of the previous weeks, and to ask the question on everyone’s lips: what comes next?‘ 

Marching together

Christian Aid partner Ekta Parishad travelled around India for an entire year, mobilising and preparing tens of thousands of landless poor to march for a fairer share of land and resources.

Our videos, blog and photos share news from their journey and explore why land may be the key to lifting 400 million of India's people out of extreme poverty.

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Latest audio

Christian Aid's India communications officer, Sarah Filbey, speaks to Ramesh Sharma, after the first Task Force meeting, the group established to put into practice the promises made by the Indian central government as an outcome of the Jan Satyagraha campaign. 

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In photos

Women marching

March for justice in photos.

Land rights

Holding banners on the march

How land rights can help lift people out of poverty.

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