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Tipping Point is an exhibition which explores the ways that artists have chosen to highlight key issues surrounding climate change, and its repercussions for both the environment and humanity.

The show features work by highly acclaimed international artists such as Turner Prize-winner Simon Starling and former Prize nominees Darren Almond and Anya Gallaccio, along with an exciting new commission by artist Gerry Judah for Christian Aid, in association with Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

Gerry’s new work, a series of five sculptures entitled Bengal, was commissioned especially for Tipping Point and explores the inequality of climate change.  His works were inspired by a research trip to India with Christian Aid where he met poor communities in West Bengal and Jharkhand, who are having to adapt to increasingly unpredictable weather patterns and rising sea levels as a result of changes in their climate.

In this interview, Gerry discusses how India has influenced his work:


A country of great divides

India represents a developing nation that is growing rapidly and therefore needs more energy to continue to grow. Coal – a cheap, conventional and carbon-emitting fuel – accounts for around 70% of the country’s energy production, making India the third largest coal producer in the world.

However, it is also a country of great divides. There’s a race for energy in the country and a booming economy, yet more than 360 million people live in poverty.

Ironically it is these communities – mainly poor and subsistence farmers, an estimated 40% of the population – who are among the most vulnerable to the global climatic changes this growth is exacerbating.

As part of the ENOUGH FOOD FOR EVERYONE IF campaign, Christian Aid is calling on the UK government to push for global agreement on new sources of climate finance, additional to aid.

Inspiring stories

Read our stories below to see how Christian Aid partners are already supporting communities to produce and benefit from cleaner energy, adapt to climate change and grow enough food to feed their families all year round.

Farming in floods

Gauri Mondal, India

Gauri now produces her own clean, sustainable biogas, reducing her dependency on polluting wood and dung.

Access to water

Banshi Hansda, India

Dry weather forced Banshi to feed his children waste from neighbours’ land as he could not grow enough food.

Fishing community

Shakuntala Das, India

DRCSC have helped Shakuntala's community to fish as a team and save money in tough months.

Climate Justice

One Million Ways inside a red and orange design

Ask politicians to put climate change at the heart of their agendas.

Gerry Judah

About Gerry

Gerry Judah describes his experience of travelling back to India, his home country, and the creative process that followed.

Craftivist workshop 

Use your talent for arts and crafts to raise awareness of issues of poverty and injustice.

Event – Saturday 15 June

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