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Our work on climate change

Ally Ouedraogo has been farming his land on the edge of the Sahel in Burkino Faso for two decades, but in recent years climate change has made it much more difficult for him to grow his crops.

As the dry seasons in the region have got dryer, the quality of the soil has deteriorated dramatically.

It’s a familiar story everywhere for farmers and their communities in the developing world as climate change begins to take a heavy toll.

Climate change: the problem

Scientists predict that at the current rate of carbon emissions tens of millions more people will go hungry in the next couple of decades as agricultural yields diminish across the globe.  

And if nothing is done to stem a rise of 2°C in global average temperatures by 2050 - they say - 250 million more people will be forced to leave their homes.

Around 30 million more people will go hungry as agricultural yields go into recession across the globe.

One to three billion people will suffer acute water shortages, while nearly a fifth of Bangladesh will be submerged as sea levels rise.    

Not that we have to wait until then for the bad stuff, though.

  • A 1°C rise, expected by 2020, would see an extra 240 million people experiencing water ‘stress’ – where supply can no longer be stretched to meet demand.

  • The predicted 1.3°C rise by 2025 would see tens of millions more going hungry due to falling agricultural yields in the developing world and rising global food prices.

What we do

But amid the gloomy predictions there is still some hope. Ally Ouedraogo, for example, is now being helped by Christian Aid partner, Reseau Marp, to reclaim his land from the advancing desert.

With our help, Ally is pioneering new methods to cultivate his soil and grow enough crops to feed his family.

From Bolivia to Bangladesh, from India to Tanzania, Christian Aid is helping poor communities to adapt to this growing threat of climate change.    

What you can do

You can help us by adding your voice and joining out campaign for climate justice.

Our climate justice campaign  

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Ask politicians to put climate change at the heart of their agendas.

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Climate action!

Floods in Pakistan. Food crisis in Africa. Climate change will make natural disasters like these worse. 

Act now!

Climate change is a growing problem in Tanzania

Erratic weather patterns are taking their toll on farmers in Tanzania. See how our partners are helping them to adapt.

Climate change in Tanzania

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