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Caroline Welby meets our Brazil partners

11 September 2014

As part of his worldwide tour to Anglican provinces, Archbishop Justin Welby landed in São Paulo last week with his wife Caroline to visit the primate of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil, Bishop Francisco de Assis da Silva, while Caroline took some time to meet our partners in Brazil.

Our Brazil team was delighted to meet Caroline Welby, who visited our partner Gaspar Garcia Human Rights Centre (CGGDH), a local human rights NGO that works to provide assistance and legal advice to some of São Paulo’s most vulnerable citizens.

Caroline Welby with our Brazil partners

Helping women of São Paulo

At the meeting, staff from CGGDH spoke to Mrs Welby about the harsh realities women face on São Paulo’s streets.

According to UN data, every 24 seconds a woman is assaulted in Brazil and the country has the seventh highest rate of violence against women in a list of 84 countries.

Women are disproportionately affected by inequality in São Paulo, often earning less than men, and their lack of economic independence is a key cause of the problem.

Reflecting on the meeting, Mrs Welby said: ‘I’ve learned a lot from the visit. I was hugely impressed by the team who are learning together and who have a common passion to improve the lives of so many women.’

In response to the problem, with our support and that of the European Commission, CCGDH have launched a project working with women street vendors in São Paulo.

Alongside our partner Anglican Service of Diakonia and Development (SADD), a Church-led initiative against gender-based violence, they hope to address the plight of São Paulo’s most vulnerable women.

Confidence in the Gospel

Archbishop Welby met and prayed with local bishops, clergy and lay people.

Talking to Christian Aid’s Mara Luz, the Archbishop said: ‘It is very important to see a church interacting with the world and the Brazilian experiences to tackle deforestation in the Amazon, to defend indigenous people and to prevent gender-based violence. They are important examples of being confident in the Gospel.’

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