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Why I break the silence

A soldier explains why he decided to speak up about his service in the occupied Palestinian territory.

In May 2011, Christian Aid partner Breaking the Silence launched a video project.

The project is made up of video material gathered during interviews with 22 soldiers who have decided to testify with their faces unmasked, and their names revealed. 

Watch: Breaking the Silence


More about Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence is an Israeli NGO established in 2004 by Israeli army soldiers and veterans who collect and publish testimonies about their military service in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem since the start of the Second Intifada.

They are dedicated to exposing the Israeli public to the realities of the Israeli occupation as seen through the eyes of Israeli soldiers and to stirring debate about the impact of the prolonged occupation on both the Palestinian population and on Israeli society.

All testimonies released by Breaking the Silence are collected by military veterans and verified prior to publication. It should be emphasised that unless noted otherwise, the testimonies are reported by eyewitnesses, and in their own words.


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