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'Slash and burn' agriculture

Traditional 'slash and burn' agriculture is practiced throughout the tropics and accounts for millions of tonnes of carbon being released into the atmosphere every year, significantly contributing to global warming.

'Slash and burn is estimated to release twice as much carbon into the atmosphere each year as all the air travel around the world.'

In Honduras, Christian Aid supports OCDIH, the Christian Organisation for Integrated Development in Honduras which encourages farmers to adopt more environmentally-friendly techniques.

By demonstrating how to plant food crops between Inga and other tree species and training in the use of organic fertilisers, OCDIH, has helped hundreds of small farmers to increase their incomes and yields, enabling them to buy more land and raise livestock, which also improves their diet.

Listen: Sunday Programme

Listen to this recording from the BBC Radio 4 Sunday Programme to find out more about OCDIH's work to combat climate change and improve livelihoods in Honduras. 

Audio iconBBC iPlayer >   (OCDIH information starts at 5mins 50secs)


Watch: 'Slash and burn'

Watch 'slash and burn' agriculture in practice and meet our partners in Honduras, who are working with local farmers to encourage alternative techniques.


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