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Partner focus

Taking a closer look at our partners' work around the world.  

A man of faith: celebrating Oscar Romero’s beatification

A mural featuring the late Oscar Romero

Commemorating the life and work of the outspoken critic of mass human rights violations in El Salvador.

A symbol of hope

Bangladesh: Crafting a future

A woman weaving a wicker stool

The women of the Barishal community are making an income from traditional skills like embroidery and basket-making. Now they're branching out into new markets, and their success has earned them a voice in the home.


Life-saving volunteers fighting malaria in Myanmar

Mi Myar, a health volunteer tends to a patient

Thanks to life-saving health volunteers like Mi Myar, communities in Myanmar are fighting back against the might of malaria.

Saving lives

Students fight climate change in India

Students fight climate change in India

Rajesh Kumar Chaudhary is only too aware of the dangers climate change poses, the 17-year-old has already experienced heat waves, floods and a 35-second earthquake.

Fighting climate change in India

Tackling inequality and vulnerability in Haiti

Children drinking milk at a school in Haiti

Discover highlights of our work, including successful dairy businesses and projects to tackle the impact of climate change.

Changing lives

Young men breaking the cycle of violence in Nicaragua

Humberto, a young father from Nicaragua

To mark the beginning of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, find out about our partner’s important and ground-breaking work to help young men break the cycle of violence in Nicaragua.

Breaking the cycle

Girls and women should be key decision-makers in Angola

A group of girls clapping

On International Day of the Girl Child, we are focusing on the work of our partner in Angola, a country where girls are still fighting for basic rights, that runs a programme teaching girls important life and practical skills.

Hearing girls' voices

Dominican Republic: Statelessness in paradise

Milciades Yam, of Haitian descent, holds his identity card

Tens of thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent are at risk of deportation.

In legal limbo

Colombia: protecting children during a human rights crisis

A little girl dances in the humanitarian space in Colombia

Buenaventura in Colombia has become an incredibly violent place, especially for children. Our partner has campaigned for a safe space to protect the community's life and culture.

A safe space

International Day of Non-Violence: gangs in Nicaragua

A man from Nicaragua stands in the shade

This International Day of Non-Violence, we’re celebrating the work of our partner in Nicaragua for their exceptional work reforming youth gang members.

Day of Non-Violence

Everyone in the world has the right to peace

A young girl holds a candle to commemorate her grandfather

On 21 September, we commemorate the International Day of Peace, a day dedicated to strengthening the ideals of peace among people and nations.

Effects of conflict

Caroline Welby meets our Brazil partners

Caroline Welby with our Brazil partners

As part of his worldwide tour to Anglican provinces, Archbishop Justin Welby landed in São Paulo last week with his wife Caroline to visit Bishop Francisco de Assis da Silva, while Caroline took some time to meet our partners in Brazil.

Helping women of São Paulo

Drought causes food shortages for the poorest in Central America

Irma Raimundo with her daughters Sandra and Ingrid

A severe drought has decimated crops. We've been able to help one community in Guatemala prepare for times like these by setting up kitchen gardens and storing grain reserves.

Malnutrition risk

World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day ETMB

Today, we celebrate and express solidarity with humanitarian heroes around the world.

World Humanitarian Day

World Cooperative Day

Emmanuel Arthur and Fatima Ali holding a bar of Divine chocolate

Rice, cocoa and hibiscus farmers share the benefits of being part of a cooperative.

Pooling resources

World Cup: football brings people together

A football pitch in the depths of the Brazilian rainforest

As the World Cup is the hot topic on many of our lips this month, we’ve been reflecting on the important role football plays in the lives of communities we work with across the globe.

Football unites people

Women's football in Colombia

Colombia Football ETMB

Colombia is one of the 32 nations to be playing in this year’s World Cup. But it’s not the men’s team that impressed Communications Intern, Ben Harris, when he visited Colombia last October.

Showdown in the jungle

Father’s Day: keeping dads in the picture

A mother and father from Kenya with their young children

If you aim to improve the health and wellbeing of mothers and children, you must include fathers too. Find out about a project in central Kenya supporting new mums and dads in the difficult task of parenting.

Teaching new dads

Dominican Republic: A step in the right direction

People holding banners and placards

There's a cautious welcome for a new law blocking an earlier ruling that threatened to deprive tens of thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent of their citizenship.

Previous ruling blocked

India: communities making their voices heard

Durgi Devi maps the contours of her village

Dalit and tribal communities are often ignored by those in power, but some are now speaking out and demanding the resources that will make their lives better.

Claiming rights

Three top gardening tips from Bolivia

Catalina tending plants

Gardener Catalina shares the secrets that have helped her community's nursery go from strength to strength.

Tended with love

Scotland and Bolivia lead the way in Bible study project

Just Scripture group in Scotland

Pilot project 'Just Scripture' unites groups in Scotland and Bolivia to study Bible texts and discuss issues of poverty and injustice.

New insights

Improving the lives of dairy farmers in Bangladesh

Female dairy farmers with a cow

Dairy farming is the sole income for many poor people in Bangladesh, yet flooding and a lack of animal care can be detrimental to their produce. We're working with communities to battle these obstacles.

Earning more for milk

Keeping Malawi mothers and babies safe

A young pregnant woman gets examined by a nurse

This Mothering Sunday, women in Malawi are in unnecessary danger as they become mothers. We're training health workers to keep Malawi mothers and babies healthy and giving them bicycles to reach more pregnant women at home.

Keeping mums healthy

Remembering escaped victims of slavery in Brazil

Domingo Printes, Brazil

To mark International Day of Remembrance of Slavery, we speak to Domingos Printes, a descendant of escaped slaves who lives in the Amazon rainforest, about his heritage.

From the Amazon

Protecting the world’s lungs in the Amazon

A quilombola house in the Brazilian Amazon

Forest-dwelling people play a crucial role in the battle against climate change and preventing the destruction of the Earth’s lungs in the Amazon.

Read more

Brazil’s descendants of slaves defend their land

A man canoes along the river with a large ship in the background

The quilombola people of Brazil have won a battle against a major mining company working on their land.

Land titles

Bees sweeten lives in Malawi

A bee

Communities in southern Malawi reap the benefits of keeping beehives - and it's good for the environment, too.

Steady income

Las Pavas community receives Colombia’s National Peace Prize

Some of the Las Pavas community

Last month, the rural community of Las Pavas in northern Colombia, was awarded this year’s National Peace Prize for their peaceful struggle for land that was claimed by a palm oil company.

Prize winners

Supporting mountain communities against threat of climate change

Mountains in Peru

On International Mountain Day, we celebrate mountain communities in the Andes whose livelihoods depend on farming alpacas. We are supporting them with training so they can improve the quality of their product.

Alpaca farmers

Human rights defender deserves a fair trial

David Ravelo

We call for justice for David Ravelo Crespo, a human rights defender and member of CREDHOS in Colombia, who has been sentenced to 18 years in prison without a fair trial.

Find out more

Sexual violence against women: A weapon of war in Colombia

Jineth Bedoya

A new report aims to raise awareness of the sexual violence suffered by women as a result of the country's armed conflict.

Crimes go under-reported and unpunished

Enough is enough for women leaders in Bolivia

Bolivian girls in traditional dress

Participants in a national workshop addressing issues of violence and harassment against female leaders announce three proposals to tackle the problem.

Changes to the law

Indigenous land rights

Tupi-Guarani leader performing a dance about Guarani spiritual beliefs

Brazilian indigenous communities' ancestral lands are under threat from big business and the spread of the cities. Christian Aid, Size of Wales and partner CPI aim to help them to secure land rights.

Protecting the rainforest

India: educating the next generation

Santal children praying at school

We are supporting our partner to open 13 schools in eastern India to empower tribal children through education.

Preventing exploitation

National Chocolate Week: cocoa in Bolivia

A bar of pure, wild Amazonian chocolate

To mark National Chocolate Week, we pay tribute to the indigenous people from the Beni region of Bolivia, who work hard to produce one of life’s sweetest treats.

Chocolate week

We have a dream...

Fede Dunois at home

On the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's 'I have a dream' speech, we look at successful Christian Aid projects that have achieved some of his aims and look ahead to our dream - an end to poverty - becoming a reality.

An end to poverty

Angola: new homes for evicted families

Rita, a grandmother evicted from her home in Luanda

Hundreds of families in Angola’s capital, Luanda, were evicted from their homes in 2004. After seven years of campaigning, our partner, SOS Habitat, has helped more than 250 families to move into new houses.

The struggle continues

Preparing for Atlantic hurricane season

Mauricio Cruz, emergency committee coordinator

We are working with communities to prepare for storms which can potentially threaten lives and cause serious material damage during the Atlantic hurricane season.

Equipping vulnerable communities

Bike ambulances save lives in Malawi

An injured woman is helped on to a bike ambulance

Communities have a great reason to love bikes in rural Malawi; pedal power gets sick people to hospital in time and saves lives.

Transporting the sick

Fabulous fathers

Ludoviko with his son and grandchild in Malawi

We mark Father's Day with a look at how three fathers in Haiti, Colombia and Malawi are providing for their families.


Colombia: International Day for Biological Diversity

Páramo Santurbán

Mining in the Páramo Santurbán puts biodiversity at risk.

Water source under threat

Brazil: small farmers don’t have to be poor farmers

Alcinda and Orestes Ribeiro on their farm

The Landless People’s Movement (MST) helps poor people to win land, establish profitable farms and form competitive cooperatives.

Family agriculture

Brazil: case overturned!

Vania Maia beside her street stall

With the help of partner Gaspar Garcia, street vendors in São Paolo were able to mount a legal challenge against the former mayor's decision to revoke their licences.

Struggle continues

Bringing farmers together in Egypt

Farmer Sabah picking her crops, Egypt

In Egypt, with the help of Christian Aid partner The Coptic Evangelical Organisation for Social Services (CEOSS) the lives of small scale farmers, such as Sabah, have improved.

Power in a union

Cleaner, greener energy in Kenya

Carolyn and Mercy Okeyo

Tough Stuff's affordable solar energy packs are making a difference to poor communities in Kenya, who have previously been reliant on kerosene lamps.


Teamwork brings bountiful harvests in Burundi

Renatta Ndihokubwayo harvesting crops

Christian Aid partner the Anglican Church of Burundi helped a community suffering from a lack of food by forming a farming association which trains people to use a variety of crops to harvest in unpredictable weather conditions.

Farming in Burundi

Improving the environment in Rashah

Sami Ha Salah with her grandchildren Maria and Feloeater

Christian Aid partner Bless helped a community in Rashah, Greater Cairo to tackle health and environmental concerns, creating a public park on land previously used to dump rubbish.

Residents unite

Rooting for Resilience

Sand dams help harvesting in Kenya

Christian Aid partner Ukamba Christian Community Services (UCCS) introduced an inclusive approach which has transformed the lives of those barely subsisting into a thriving, peaceful community.

Crops all year round

Egypt: two years on

Iayee Sobhy

Christian Aid partner COC Bless' cash-for-work project has helped to restore a sense of pride and dignity to a community following the Egyptian uprising.

Iayee's story

Angolan girls win Diana Award for HIV work

Angolan girl holding Diana award

Twelve Angolan girls have won a prestigious International Diana Award for improving HIV awareness among young women in the poor suburbs of the country’s capital city, Luanda.

Angolan girls awarded

EU praises Christian Aid human rights project

EU event in Haiti on Monday 10 December

The EU highlighted Christian Aid's bi-national scheme, the Jano Sikse Border Network (JSBN), for being one of its most successful human rights projects at an event in Haiti on 10 December 2012.

Bi-national scheme

'Breaking Margins' – Marking Human Rights Day

A woman wearing a green sari with her face covered

Photo exhibition to mark Human Rights Day tells story of communities in India subject to caste discrimination.

See photos

Archbishop honours Christian Aid HIV ambassador

The Archbishop of Canterbury with the Rev Canon Gideon Byamugisha

The Archbishop of Canterbury has recognised the Rev Canon Gideon Byamugisha's work by awarding him the Cross of St Augustine.

AIDS work recognised

Hope and expectation as Colombia peace talks begin

Displaced Colombian farmer Alejandro Guzman

Dialogue is due to begin on 18 October between the Colombian government and FARC guerrillas, aimed at bringing their armed conflict to an end.

Dialogue opens

An organic granny

A woman holding mandarin oranges

The story of grandmother Amparo Jimenez, a key figure in a community project to grow organic food in the Dominican Republic.

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Colombian partners win human rights awards

Colombian partners win human rights awards

Christian Aid is pleased to announce that two of its Colombian partners have won awards at the first National Award for the Defence of Human Rights.

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Ice cream: helping some of Afghanistan's poorest people to earn a living

Goats distributed to village cooperatives in Afghanistan provide milk, cheese, yoghurt, and butter

Surplus milk from a cooperative established by a Christian Aid partner in Afghanistan is being sold to an ice cream company – with sweet results for all involved.

Income from ice-cream

India: SKA achieve campaign success

Campaign success

A Christian Aid-backed campaign to end manual scavenging in India has achieved its ultimate aim – an Indian government pledge to end the degrading practice once and for all.

Campaign success

Christian Aid partner Physicians for Human Rights-Israel wins award

PHR working in hospital

We are delighted to announce that PHR-Israel’s work in exposing and leading a campaign on the trafficking, kidnapping, and torture of refugees in the Sinai Desert prior to their entry into Israel has been recognised internationally.

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Tajikistan partner wins at award at Rio+20 Earth Summit

Tajikistan partner Muhabbat Mamadalieva wins Rio+20 award

A Christian Aid Tajikistan partner wins the Equator Prize for sustainable development at the Rio+20 Earth Summit.

Find out more

Haiti partner presented with prestigious award

Colette Lespinasse, founder and director of our Haiti partner GARR, was presented with the Richard C. Holbrooke Award in recognition of her work advocating the rights of displaced Haitians.

Find out more

Remembering Fidele Nsengiyumva

Join us as we remember the life of Fidele Nsengiyumva, a good friend and ally in the battle against HIV and stigma.

Find out more

Human Rights Defender of the Month

Body Shop

The British government in Colombia has recognised Misael Payares and his tireless work fighting for the rights of the Las Pavas community.

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St Valentine's Day

Cocoa farmer

As we contemplate the sheer range on offer this St Valentine's Day, think for a moment of the cocoa producers who have laboured and toiled on their land to deliver that wonderful flavour to your taste buds.

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Jamaicans for Justice

Jamaicans for Justice

We take a look at our partner Jamaicans for Justice and the work they do to support the victims of crime and injustice.

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Egypt: one year on


How our partners are supporting people after the political upheaval of 2011.

Find out more

Christian Aid partner and human rights activist Sonia Pierre dies

Sonia Pierre

Sonia Pierre, leading human rights activist and long-term Christian Aid partner in the Dominican Republic, has died of a heart attack.

Find out more

Observing elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo

DRC elections

Christian Aid and EurAC send volunteers to observe the elections in the DRC.

Listen to our podcast

Creating unity in post-conflict Burundi

Bishop of Burundi

The Most Reverend Bernard Ntahoturi, the Archbishop of Burundi, discusses some of the most pressing challenges facing his country.

Watch our video

Colombia: winning their right to land


After 12 long years, Afro-Colombian communities have finally secured the legal right to their land.

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Central Asia - marking 20 years of forgotten poverty

Tajik woman working

Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan mark the 20th anniversary of statehood on 31 August and 9 September 2011 respectively, but do they have reason to celebrate?

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The meals keeping Ghana's kids in school

Ghana school kid

The school meals helping to keep children in education.

Read more

Treehugging in Cambodia

Sean Mai, 59, the community forestry committee leader in Banon district Cambodia

Land-hungry corporations and powerful people in Cambodia are threatening to take over land and resources that hundreds of thousands of poor rural households depend on for survival.

Land rights

Challenging modern slavery

Worker's right

Why we must continue to challenge modern slavery and protect workers' rights.

Read more

Nigeria election update

Nigeria elections

Partners report that the election process was more transparent than ever before.

Read more

Why I break the silence

Soldier talks to Christian Aid partner Breaking the Silence

A soldier explains why he decided to speak up about his service in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Watch the video

Partners react to Palestinian unity Accord

Christian Aid partners in Gaza hope that the unity accord signed this week will be a step towards alleviating the dire humanitarian situation there and want to see one authority representing a unified West Bank and Gaza.

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Challenging inequality in Lebanon

Living with disability in Lebanon

A Flickr gallery looking at our work to support people living with a disability in Lebanon.

See our work

Nigerian elections: making votes count


As over 140 million people continue to vote in the Nigerian elections this week, how are Christian Aid partners making sure that their votes count?

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CFTA: Expressions of hope in Gaza

CFTA expressions of hope in Gaza

Gaza children given a chance to express themselves and hope for a better future.

View gallery

Campaigning for change in the Dominican Republic

Four per cent campaign

Partner campaigns to increase government spending on education in the Dominican Republic.

Find out more

World Water Day

World Water Day

A Flickr gallery celebrating our partners' work on water and sanitation for World Water Day.

See our work

Tackling hunger in Cambodia

Cambodian woman sits with grains

Droughts, floods, pests, debt and poor health means millions cannot grow or afford enough food in Cambodia. Christian Aid partner DanChurchAid works with rural families to develop sustainable ways of farming.

View slideshow

'Slash and burn' agriculture

Slash and burn agriculture in Honduras

Agricultural practice releases millions of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere every year.

Farming in Honduras

Partner member shot dead in Guatemala

Victor from Caja Lúdica

Victor Leiva, a youth coach with our Guatemala partner Caja Lúdica, has been shot dead.

Find out more

Afghanistan’s women: protecting their rights

Afghan women

Partners working to protect and uphold women's rights in Afghanistan.

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Better Life on the Nile

Nile story

Overfishing and pollution have devastated Nile fish stocks in the region of El Minya, Egypt, leaving fishermen struggling to make a living. Nor are the Nile fishing communities often a priority of the government.

View slideshow

The grind – quarry workers in Egypt


Wadi el Nil is helping quarry workers claim their rights and protect their incomes.

View slideshow

Brazilian partner awarded medal

Rui Barbosa on his farm, which he has named Paradise Place

João Pedro Stedile, one of the founders of the Landless Movement (MST), has been awarded the 'Merito Legislativo' medal from Brazilian Congress.

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Highlighting the plight of India's manual scavengers

Manual scavenger

Christian Aid partner organisation Safai Karmachari Andolan (SKA) aims to eradicate the outlawed and degrading practice of manual scavenging in India by the end of 2010.

Find out more

Body Shop decision praised as it cuts ties with Colombian palm oil supplier

Body Shop

As it ceases trading with Colombian palm oil supplier.

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Physicians for Human Rights Israel awarded 'Alternative Nobel Prize'

Christian Aid partner Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHRI) is one of four organisations to share this year’s Right Livelihood award – also known as the 'Alternative Nobel Prize'.

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Working towards a reconciled Sudan

Girl in Sudanese school

As southern Sudan continues to struggle with a surge in violence over the past 18 months, Christian Aid parther, ECS, are playing a key role in working to rebuild southern Sudan.

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Guatemala: coffee, malnutrition and tax


Guatemala ranks fifth highest country in the world for both the percentage of malnourished children it has, and the amount of coffee it sells.

Watch video

A first for Children First in Jamaica

Travin from Christian Aid partner Children First seated at a computer

Children First, a Christian Aid partner in Jamaica, has won a Michael Manley award for its outstanding work with children and young people.

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Silk: a solution to poverty?

Suraya and her husband, Khair Mohammad

In Afghanistan, where work opportunities for women are often limited, Rehabilitation Association and Agricultural Development for Afghanistan is helping them earn an income by cultivating silkworms in their own homes.

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Living with HIV in Haiti

Temporary shelter in on of Haiti's emergency camps

People living with HIV are particularly vulnerable when disasters strike. Our partner POZ helps people get the food and medication they need to survive.

View our gallery

Partner receives MBE for work with refugees on the Thai-Burma border

Mother and child in Burmese refugee camp

This July, Sally Thompson, deputy director of the Thailand Burma Border Consortium (TBBC), visited London to receive an MBE from the Queen.

Watch video

MACEC fighting for justice

Eliza Hernandez has to make a living washing clothes in the Boac River, the site of a catastrophic mine tailings spill which has left the water severely contaminated with heavy metals.

Marinduque Council for Environmental Concerns works in the Philippines with those communities devastated by harmful mining activities, fighting for social, political and environmental justice.

Watch video

Football brings hope in South Africa

Children act out a role play depicting social issues affecting them during Wola Nani's kids club in Mfuleni township, Cape Town

Sixteen-year-old Sibusiso Dlomo’s South Africa feels a world away from the stadiums and hotels hosting teams from around the world.

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Tackling HIV in South Africa


This month, all eyes are on South Africa as it hosts the 19th World Cup. But for hundreds of young South Africans, it will not be the first important football tournament their country has hosted this year.

Find out more

Habakkuk Trust: Making the impossible possible in Zimbabwe


The Habakkuk Trust helps the most vulnerable Zimbabweans have a voice in the way they are governed and to improve their own situations in the meantime, however they can.

Watch video

Conserving water in Peru

CEDAP in Peru supports the local community to access water

To mark World Water Day on 22 March, we visit our Peruvian partner the Centre for Agricultural Development, which is helping communities make the most of the little water they have.

Watch video

Helping Amazon people keep their homes

Quilombola people

The Quilombola people in the northern Amazon exemplify how saving the forest is about protecting people's rights as well as preventing climate change.

Find out more

Building a future for Sudan's children

Classroom in southern Sudan

In a crucial year for southern Sudan, our partner the Mundri Relief and Development Association is helping build a more peaceful future.

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Hope for Christmas with the YMCA


The YMCA works with young people in the Israeli Occupied Palestinian Territories to help them recover from trauma and effects of the conflict.

View our gallery

Tackling discrimination in India

Thursday in black

This month’s partner focus, to tie in with the international campaign '16 days of activism against gender violence', looks at the work of Safai Karmachari Andolan (SKA) in India.

Read more

Thailand Burma Border Consortium


This November, we look at the work of the Thailand Burma Border Consortium (TBBC) and how it helps Burmese refugees who have fled across the Thai border.

Watch slideshow

BCAS: Bangladesh

Women in Bangladesh

Christian Aid's partner The Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS) is helping people to adapt lives and livelihoods to the effects of climate change.

Read more

Kav LaOved: IOPT

Ahmad Najata

Christian Aid partner Kav LaOved provides free legal aid and court representation to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged workers in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Read more

Sierra Leone: NMJD

Playing drafts outside the Kenema Youth Centre

Young Sierra Leoneans are getting involved in the post-war reconstruction of their country with the help of our partner, the Network Movement for Justice and Development.

Read more

Nicaragua: Nochari


How our partner Nochari has helped a community in Nicaragua to grow a successful business out of a local flower.

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South Africa: Thandanani

A young person on a Thandanani weekend

The Thandanani Children's Foundation provides much needed support for children in Kwa-Zulu Natal province who have lost their parents.

Read more

Honduras: CASM

Honduras bridge CA built

As the annual Atlantic hurricane season approaches, we take a look at the work of our partner CASM in Honduras.

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DR Congo: UPKA

Members of an UKPA farmers' group pass a covert taxation point on the road from Kindu to Kalima in Maniema province.

Speak of the Democratic Republic of Congo and people tend to think of the chaos of war. But in Maniema province, one Christian Aid partner is proving recovery is possible.

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Bolivia: CEDLA

Bolivian schoolgirl

Our Bolivian partner CEDLA played a key role in campaigning for and winning a fair share of its country's gas and oil tax revenue.

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