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The meals keeping Ghana's kids in school

August 2011

A growing economy, Ghana has recently been elevated to ‘middle income’ status, yet levels of inequality appear to be increasing and almost seven million people live below $1.25 a day.

Most of these people are found in the drought-prone north of the country, where farmers struggle to grow enough to sustain their families. Small-scale agriculture has been affected by tariff liberalisation and cheap exports; local producers and industries lack protection and support.

‘There are so many people in the community who can’t feed their children’ says school caterer Rebecca Kandea working in Ghana’s Upper West region. ‘Often the one meal they have at school is the only meal they have in a day.’

Those in rural areas and women are underrepresented in the political systems and often their needs aren’t addressed.

See in this video clip how SEND-Ghana is helping Jeffisi community’s teachers, parents and local leaders ensure the delivery of vital, nutritionally balanced lunchtime meals to pupils at Jeffisi Primary school; just one of over 80 schools in Ghana's poorest Upper West region.

The government-led Ghana School Feeding Programme (GSFP) was developed with the objectives of reducing hunger and malnutrition; increasing school enrolment, attendance and retention; and boosting domestic food production and the income of local farming families.

Christian Aid supports partner SEND Ghana to ensure government programmes such as the Ghana School Feeding Programme are carried out efficiently and reach the people who need these services most.

Yet research carried out by SEND-Ghana found that due to limited resources such as vehicles, fuel and staff, and without the necessary governing structural bodies in place, it was exactly the communities who needed the meals the most who were being missed out, or where the scheme was failing due to mismanagement and lack of funds.

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