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Scotland and Bolivia lead the way in Bible study project

'Just Scripture', an exciting pilot project of Bible studies and topical discussion, has launched in Scotland.

Supporters there are linking up with people in Bolivia to study biblical texts and examine issues of poverty and injustice.

Just Scripture group in Bolivia

A deeper understanding of poverty

In building new relationships, we hope the participants will gain a deeper understanding of the causes of extreme poverty and act together to overcome it.

The Bolivian participants are in La Paz and, in Scotland, participants gather in Dunblane Cathedral.

While the group in Scotland is ecumenical, the project reflects the Church of Scotland's commitment to link our work in Bolivia with the life of congregations in Scotland.

A focus on gender

The first series of studies – over 10 sessions - focuses on gender, drawing from passages and encounters in the Bible that engage with this issue.

Both groups follow the same material, developed by one of our Bolivian partners, ISEAT. Three of the 10 sessions include a live virtual link, so reflections and discussions can be shared face to face.

The plan is to conduct two further series with different groups, on the themes of the environment and North/South relations.

Reflections on the first sessions

Just Scripture group in ScotlandParticipants feel they've gained new insights and broadened their understanding through the energising discussions they've had.

Wendy Young, a Christian Aid staff member in Scotland who has participated in the sessions, says: 'I could never have imagined gleaning so much from just three verses, Luke 8:1-3. Sharing the reflections with Bolivia was affirming, inspiring and challenging.'

Going forward

We want to give other supporters across the UK and Ireland the chance to discuss key topics with groups around the world.

We hope to use what we learn from these pilot projects to create more opportunities for that to happen.

This will enable supporters to enter deeper into solidarity with people living in poverty, and be further inspired and transformed on our journey to justice.

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