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World Humanitarian Day

August 2014

Around the world thousands of people are expressing their love in actions that help others: providing food for the hungry, water for the thirsty, hope and protection for the despairing and fearful.

World Humanitarian Day gives us an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the bravery of our partners who work in countries affected by conflict and natural disasters, often risking their own lives. Yet, they continue to work on the front line standing by those in need with courage and dedication. Today, we celebrate and express solidarity with the humanitarian heroes around the world.


World Humanitarian Day Gaza

In Gaza, our partners provide support to the people affected by the Israeli offensive.Our partner the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) are managing to operate two mobile clinics in Gaza, working in an incredibly dangerous environment.

'It’s a terrifying feeling, nobody knows if they are going to survive or not… Even if we are going to be killed am I going to be killed on my own or together with my family?  
I've been living in Gaza all my life and what we are experiencing at the moment is unbelievable, unprecedented.' Christian Aid's Azzam Alsaqqa


'There is nobody in Iraq at the moment who feels entirely safe, that is exactly the same for our partners. Many of our partners live very close to the areas that are directly affected… We are hearing about how our partners are very fearful for themselves and their families, but also how they are absolutely determined to help people affected directly.'

Janet Symes, Head of Middle East at Christian Aid.


Our ACT Alliance partner IOCC 
'Unfortunately there we had two of our partner staff killed in late December. That is testament to the dangers that our staff are facing every day. But saying this, the work did not stop in Daraa (on the border with Jordan)'.

'Unfortunately if we are not there and if we choose to close and go home to protect ourselves for safety reasons, there is nobody else that will come and provide the aid.’

Mark Ohanian, Director of Programmes of our ACT partner the,International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC).

South Sudan

World Humanitarian Day South Sudan

'There is still heavy fighting. Earlier this month our partner LWF evacuated staff from Upper Nile after aid workers were killed in the area'.

Florence Mawanda, Christian aid Country Manager.

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