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Children in Kenya



The Comprehensive Assistance, Support and Empowerment of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (CASE-OVC) programme is a five year, USAID-funded grant implemented by Christian Aid in Kenya.

The programme aims to reach 170,000 orphans and vulnerable children, from 52,000 households, who are affected or infected by HIV and AIDS.

The goal is to improve the well-being of the children by ensuring they can request and gain access to social services (health, nutrition, education, legal protection, psychosocial support and social protection). We are also working to improve their livelihood options to better care for themselves.

Tender application

CASE-OVC is seeking grant applications from qualified, locally registered organisations and non-governmental organisations for a project supporting Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Kenya.

Tender application details

Key information


May 2017-2022

Programme value:

US $38,841,759

Target population:

Orphans and vulnerable children, as well as their caregivers

Implementing partners:

Pathfinder International. Other partners include the Department Of Children Services.

Mother and child in Kenya

Our aims

  1. Improve health and social status of orphans and vulnerable children and their families.
  2. Enhanced economic resilience, care-giving and protection capacity of households and care givers.
  3. Strengthened formal and informal systems that are responsive, inclusive and accountable to needs of orphans and vulnerable children.

The program will provide services to an estimated 170,000 OVC and their households by three inter-linked sub-purposes: increased health and social services for OVC and their families; strengthened capacity of households and communities to protect and care for OVC; and strengthened child welfare and protection structures and systems for effective response in the program counties and sub-counties.

Expected results

  1. Increased access to health education and other social services.
  2. Strengthened economic status for households and caregivers.
  3. Strengthened monitoring and evaluation systems.

Contact us

Christian Aid Kenya is based in Nairobi. We also draw on the expertise of colleagues from other Christian Aid teams across Africa and the world, INGO networks in Kenya and beyond, and staff at Christian Aid’s UK headquarters.

Roselyn Were, Chief Of Party for CASE OVC:

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