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Value of UK aid strategic funding (PPA)

UK aid strategic funding (PPA)

In 2011, Christian Aid was awarded funding for humanitarian and development work under DFID’s Programme Partnership Arrangement (PPA) - a funding mechanism that ran from 2011 to 2016.

The total five-year PPA funding was worth £36.2 million. £29.9 million was allocated to our ongoing development work and £6.3 million to humanitarian work for conflict affected and fragile states. An additional £5 million was allocated from April-December 2016 to consolidate our work across our development and humanitarian work.

DFID scored our PPA programme an A+, evidence of the good work achieved over the funding period.

This funding enabled us to:

  • Improve our programmes to respond to communities’ needs and capacities through more adaptive and integrated programming. Partners and staff talk about the impact of the work in this film
  • Help communities to be more resilient and better able to respond to disasters and opportunities, as well as improve their health status through our health work.
  • Innovate and develop new tools and methodologies to measure our impact.
  • Strengthen our organisational systems, including how we monitor and evaluate our work, the development and roll out of a gender strategy, and a greater focus on inclusion ensuring that we ‘leave no one behind’.
  • Leverage more than £26m of additional institutional funding, allowing us to scale up our work.
  • Promote internal and sector-wide learning to inform global policy and practice around resilience, accountability, inclusion and climate change. 
Key statistics
UK aid PPA key statistics
In-depth project information

Visit Helicopter - our prototype interactive open data platform - to access detailed PPA programme information by location and topic. It provides access to programme data taken directly from Christian Aid’s internal programme management and finance systems. 

Full information about Christian Aid's added value

Examples of our impact
In Nigeria, Malawi and Kenya we empowered communities to hold their governments to account and improve their health services.
Empowering communities to hold governments to account
Nicaragua is one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change in the world. Many communities rely heavily on agriculture and are vulnerable to the effects of flooding and droughts.
Children in South Sudan collect fish
Reports and resources
This report is based on Christian Aid’s self-assessment of progress and performance against the PPA log frame during this fourth year of PPA fundin
A summary of achievements, challenges and lessons from the community health and HIV response in Nigeria, made possible through the funding support

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UK aid strategic funding (PPA)