Christian Aid in the Dominican Republic

Christian Aid has supported partners on the island of Hispaniola since the 1980s. We have always worked with underprivileged Haitians, Dominicans and Haitian migrants and their descendants who were often – and continue to be – excluded from state support in both countries.

At a time when many INGOs focused on just one of these groups, Christian Aid worked with the most poor and marginalised, regardless of race, nationality or gender. In 1997, Christian Aid opened an office in Port-au-Prince.

Ten years later we opened a second office in Santo Domingo. In both countries, we began supporting work on agriculture, human rights and health, including HIV. But, over time, our work has evolved to include climate change, human rights in prisons, tax and budget monitoring and corruption.

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Christian Aid’s Haiti and the Dominican Republic programme spans the island of Hispaniola, and has offices in both Port au Prince and Santo Domingo. We also draw on the expertise of colleagues from Christian Aid teams in Latin America and staff at Christian Aid’s UK headquarters, as well as INGO networks in the region.