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Farmers in Honduras

What We Do

Christian Aid in Honduras

Honduras is one of the least developed countries in Central America, and Christian Aid has been working here since 1997.

We are helping communities prepare for disasters, protect what remains of the Honduran rainforest, supporting small rural businesses to thrive and grow, and advocating for tax reform.

Honduras had been making steady progress towards poverty reduction, but after a coup in June 2009, violence escalated – much of it directed against women, journalists and human rights defenders. Land issues, economic inequality, corruption and political instability are also factors blocking the path to progress, along with environmental and climate change issues.

Christian Aid works in four countries in Central America – Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. We work with around 25 partner organisations, from community-based groups to larger organisations operating across the region and beyond. Our partners include indigenous communities, small farmers’ associations, cooperative enterprises, redevelopment organisations, research institutions and faith-based organisations. Our regional approach works because of the close economic, social and political ties between the four countries. This leads to coherent programming, links between partners and other allies across the region, and shared learning.

We have strong links with sister ecumenical agencies, Norwegian Church Aid, Bread for the World, ICCO, LWF and Church of Sweden, and work to seek new alliances with government ministries and agencies, and the private sector.

Our aims

  1. To help build a society free from violence achieved through democratic and accountable institutions.

  2. To build more resilient communities based on a fairer economic model.

  3. To enable marginalised people, especially women and youth, to take advantage of development.

In Honduras we work on...

Tax Justice

We have gained strong experience on the issue of tax through our work with key organisations. We have used our policy expertise to create resources such as a tax toolkit to support organisations working on tax.

Resilience to Climate Change

We have developed climate change adaptation initiatives and disaster risk reduction approaches, combining local and scientific knowledge to improve skills and capacity.

Our holistic approach to resilience is already recognised by partners and some government officials as pioneering in the region.

Key achievements

Tax justice

Christian Aid partner Icefi is a regional institute for research and advocacy, and it currently monitors Honduras’ tax system and is raising the profile of tax justice. Among its main success is the creation of the fiscal covenant for Honduras, which is a joint effort between civil society and academics to create a new and more just tax system in Honduras.


Our partner Centro de Desarrollo Humano (CDH) works with vulnerable communities in the south of the country. This area is prone to drought and coordinated efforts with local authorities aim to reduce communities’ vulnerability. 

We have also established a climate monitoring network and climate change adaptation initiatives with small farmers.

Disaster risk reduction

Vulnerable communities are now better prepared to face storms because of the implementation of early warning systems and community action plans.

Our programmes

Comisión de Acción Social Menonita (CASM) is the social action arm of the Mennonite Church in Honduras. It works to help vulnerable communities prepare to face storms by implementing early warning systems and community action plans. It also helps villages to organise small-scale ‘safety-net’ projects such as building bridges.

The Christian Organisation for Integrated Development in Honduras (OCDIH) works with indigenous communities to improve women's access to health services and to tackle gender-based violence. OCDIH is also working on climate monitoring and climate change adaptation with small farmers in western Honduras, creating alliances with CC national platforms and government institutions.

Reports and resources

Undermining the poor: mineral taxation reforms in Latin America

Examines the tax reforms affecting the mineral sector in Latin America, quantifies cost of some of the excessively generous tax incentives offered.

Partnering for resilience (April 2011) 

Case studies demonstrating impact of successful disaster risk reduction partnerships between government, institutions and civil society.

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Farmers in Honduras


Christian Aid Central America is based in Nicaragua.

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