Indian women being taught to cultivate lac

Christian Aid in India

Christian Aid has supported local organisations in India for more than five decades, initially providing relief and rehabilitation to people affected by natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and cyclones.

India is often referred to as a sub-continent due to its geographical size, diversity and population of over a billion. Its diversity is reflected in its many ethnic groups, languages, cultures and faiths.

It is hailed as the world’s largest democracy and an emerging global power, but the powerful interplay of caste, ethnicity, patriarchy and feudalism create deep-rooted divisions that deny equal rights and opportunities to all.

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Reports and resources

Instructions on how to play the paper bag game.

A PowerPoint presentation to introduce the paper bag game.

Teacher instructions on how to play the paper bag game.

Instructions on how to make a paper bag as part of The Paper Bag game

Work out if your family made enough paper bags to get all the items on the shopping list.

Background information for leaders about working children.

Encourage players to talk about their experience after playing the paper bag game as it is likely to raise many issues for discussion.

This report is aimed at development practitioners and donors to help identify and address the needs of those most at risk of being left behind.

With Aprodev, we support organisations from India, South Africa, Bolivia and Peru to develop responses to the World Bank energy strategy review.

Case studies demonstrating impact of successful disaster risk reduction partnerships between government, institutions and civil society.