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Lucia Gosta Malawi surveys her vegetable plot

What We Do

Christian Aid in Malawi

Christian Aid has been working in Malawi for almost 20 years. Our projects have focused mainly on resilience, disaster risk response and health, including maternal and child health and HIV treatment and prevention.

We support vulnerable communities to improve health and build resilience by participating in and influencing development.

With our partners, we contribute to Christian Aid’s essential purpose by empowering poor and marginalised communities and individuals to find practical and sustainable ways out of poverty and to be actively involved in decisions and opportunities that affect them.

We are currently updating this page and further information will be added soon.

Our programmes

Reports and resources

The missing millions: the cost of tax dodging to developing countries

Looks at the tax dodging that has cost the countries that receive money from the Scottish Government’s international development fund almost £43m.

Partnering for resilience (April 2011) 

Case studies demonstrating impact of successful disaster risk reduction partnerships between government, institutions and civil society.

ECRP Insights - December 2016

The December 2016 edition of ECRP Insights. ECRP is a Christian Aid-led resilience programme in Malawi.

Gender Analysis of Village Savings and Loans (ECRP)

Womens’ empowerment is a slow and incremental process, in which village and savings loan groups (VSL) can play a crucial role.

ECRP resilience video: helping people help themselves

A case study video from Malawi showing how people are being enabled to move beyond survival and subsistence, to enjoy thriving and dignified lives.

Action2020 family planning: Malawi context analysis

An in-depth investigation into the context and opportunities for civil society-led accountability on family planning in Malawi.

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Lucia Gosta Malawi surveys her vegetable plot


Christian Aid Malawi is based in Lilongwe.

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