Christian Aid in Senegal

We maintain a small but targeted programme in Senegal as part of our humanitarian work across the Sahel region. Our priorities include helping some of the poorest farming communities increase their yields. We also work to improve access to education, including literacy training for women and girls.

At the westernmost point of mainland Africa, Senegal is often regarded as one of the continent’s success stories. It has remained relatively stable and retains good diplomatic and economic relations with western countries; yet daily life is still a struggle for many Senegalese.

While poverty is improving, over half of rural people and a third of the urban population live below the poverty line. The country has high under-five and maternal mortality rates, where lack of food is a significant factor.

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Reports and resources

Our Crazy Climate PowerPoint presentation introduces the topic of climate change and poverty, and features pictures from around the world.

Champa from Bangladesh and Fatima from Senegal talk about their experiences of living in countries affected by climate change.

This presentation shows some of the amazing things people are doing around the world to transform their lives and make the planet a better place.

Key facts and information about Bangladesh and Senegal.

This information sheet gives you more details about floods covered in the Crazy Climate poster.

Download our Crazy Climate poster full of facts, stories and pictures about climate change.

This information sheet gives you more details about droughts covered in the Crazy Climate poster.

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Christian Aid Sahel is based in Bamako, Mali, and Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. We also draw on the expertise of colleagues from other Christian Aid teams across Africa and the world, as well as INGO networks.