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Dancing women in Zimbabwe

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Christian Aid in Zimbabwe

The work of Christian Aid in Zimbabwe has people at its heart. Our programme is driven by our faith identity, a culture of openness and sharing, and our commitment to amplifying poor people’s voices. Our work focuses on Matabeleland, and is also linked to action at a national level.

Zimbabwe was once the food basket of southern Africa. But in recent years, there have been widespread food shortages, with as many as five million undernourished, according to the UN.

The majority of Zimbabweans are emerging from the socio-economic crisis poorer, more vulnerable and with fewer assets and capabilities than before. The provision of key public services such as education, health and water infrastructure have suffered. The crisis led to an exodus of professionals and skilled workers who left in search of better economic opportunities. In villages, the labour demands on women and girls increased as men and boys left

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Christian Aid Zimbabwe is based in Harare. We also draw on the expertise of colleagues from other Christian Aid teams across Africa and the world, staff at Christian Aid’s UK headquarters, as well as INGO networks in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Dancing women in Zimbabwe


Christian Aid Zimbabwe is based in Harare.

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Christian Aid in Zimbabwe