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Give thanks for your vaccine

Help protect the most vulnerable people, while the vaccine is out of reach.

Help protect the most vulnerable people for whom the coronavirus vaccine is out of reach.

As more of our family, friends, and neighbours receive their coronavirus vaccinations, we rejoice and are glad that our loved ones are protected. We give thanks for all the HSE staff, NHS staff and key workers who continue to save lives across Ireland and the UK.

For the poorest and most vulnerable communities across the world, there is little hope of a vaccine rollout. These people already face a lack of water, food, and healthcare.

Some are homeless. Some are living with underlying health issues such as HIV. 

Christian Aid is already on the ground, helping keep people safe from coronavirus with practical support – but with your gift of thanks we can do more.

Have you or your loved ones had your vaccine?  

Please give thanks with a donation to help protect our global neighbours while the vaccine is out of reach.

Thanks be to God!

Your gift of thanksgiving could provide a family with hygiene kits and safe water.

Meet Shima

Shima is a barber and has polio which has caused severe shrinking of his muscles, making it difficult to get around.

​Before the coronavirus lockdown in Nigeria, he was able to afford his daily needs through his salon business. But during and after the lockdown, his income reduced drastically, and things got really difficult for him.

​'I cut people’s hair for a living,' he says. 'As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, I was out of customers. The biggest challenge I faced was that I was out of business and I could not afford to eat or afford soap to wash. I thank Christian Aid for these gifts.'

Shima Aondofa, 33, collecting his hygiene kit at an aid distribution funded by Christian Aid’s Covid appeal in Ajio community, Benue State, Nigeria, November 2020

Share your message of thanks

Write a message or prayer of thanksgiving here and we will collate them into a wall of thanks.

My mum and dad have now both had their vaccines. My gift is in thanks for that, and in memory of my friend's loving dad, gone far too soon. xx

- - Barbara Jones, Christian Aid supporter..

Your details
Add your message or prayer of thanks for your vaccine, which we will share on this page. 

A prayer of thanksgiving

God of Hope, Sustainer of all life,

We give You thanks for the coronavirus vaccines,

for the skill and wisdom of scientists, NHS staff and key workers.    

By the power of Your Spirit, may we overflow with hope

and joy as we see our friends, families and neighbours protected.

God of Justice, Protector of the vulnerable,

may we be your well-washed hands and willing feet.

Move us to give and act,

to challenge the injustices that anger You.

May we seek to protect all Your children,

particularly those for whom the vaccine is out of reach.

With hope and trust we pray,


Vaccines for the most vulnerable people

We are working with like-minded groups to advocate on the importance of ensuring that vaccines are made available to vulnerable people in poor countries and not monopolised by the global North.

And when vaccination campaigns begin, Christian Aid will support them by:

  • equipping local health services with data on hard-to-reach communities 
  • mobilising communities to come forward for vaccinations
  • working with faith and community leaders to share positive messages about vaccines.

Thanks be to God!

Your gift of thanksgiving could provide a family with hygiene kits and safe water.