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Christian Aid Week 2023: 14-20 May 2023

Your gifts this Christian Aid Week could help farmers in Malawi plant better seeds, secure a fairer price for the crops, and build happier futures for their children.

Family sitting at doorway in Malawi

camera icon Peter Innocent and Ziwone Saizi with their sons Nespo Peter and Emmanuel Peter - Christian Aid / Adam Heggarty

Soaring costs are affecting people here and around the world.

Families in Malawi are paying the price of this global crisis.

Food, fuel, fertiliser and school fees have doubled in price in the last 12 months. And hard-working farmers are seeing their harvests fail as the climate crisis brings increasingly erratic weather.

A big thank you!

Your support this Christian Aid week will help create long-term change for people living in poverty. Watch our new thank you film featuring Jen in Malawi who shares the impact of Cyclone Freddy and why your Christian Aid Week donations and fundraising are so important.

Malawi Cyclone Update

The impact of the recent Cyclone Freddy in Malawi has been devastating. Floods have washed away crops, over 500,000 people have been displaced and hundreds have lost their lives.

Christian Aid Week is at its most powerful when a disaster happens. Through you, we will be there long after the flood waters recede, helping families build back. Your gifts this May will continue to support the pigeon pea project and other vital work around the world. 

Survivor of Cyclone Idai

Give, act and pray this Christian Aid Week. 

We won’t stop until everyone has the chance to live a full life, free from poverty. We are united in hope that, with your help, more young people will be able to transform their lives.

Your Christian Aid Week Gift

Please give this Christian Aid Week and help more families have a brighter future.

Ways to get involved this Christian Aid Week

Church group dance in Malawi

The Big Pea Challenge

Inspired by the transformational pigeon pea, this challenge invites you to hold your own pea-themed fundraiser.
Lady eyes closed in prayer

Worship with us

Join thousands of churches holding a service to support Christian Aid Week.
Florence Muthiani says a prayer inside her church.

Christian Aid Week resources

Helpful worship resources to use this Christian Aid Week.
Margaret Nsona and her friends dancing in Chikwawa, Malawi

Envelopes that change lives

Your envelope could help famers like Jen plant better seeds and build happier futures for their children.
Family of 5 in front of home

Get a Peas of the Action this Christian Aid Week

This year we are celebrating the incredible impact that the small-but-mighty pigeon pea is having on farming communities in Malawi

Jen's story

Jen, a loving mum in Malawi, dreams of her children being able to have the education they deserve. Her hard-working boys have earned places at top colleges – but Jen cannot afford to send them both.

Read her story, and learn how your gifts could help farmers like Jen plant better seeds, secure a fairer price for the crops, and build happier futures for their children.

Woman buttons sons short

camera icon Chimwemwe, 14, getting ready for school. - Christian Aid / Adam Heggarty

Cooperative in Malawi make bread

camera icon Esther Saizi and her cooperative make bread from processed pigeon peas. - Adam Haggerty / Christian Aid

Esther's story

Softly-spoken Esther Saizi radiates joy and warmth.

Esther grows some truly special pigeon peas on her farm - with them she can bake delicious bread, support her daughter’s dreams, and give her adorable little grandsons a happy future, full of love and laughter.

But she wasn't always able to support her family so easily.

Find out how Christian Aid Week donations like yours made this life change possible for Esther.

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