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Johaira Herrera 15, hugged by her mum Angela Zelaya 41 a coffee and cocoa farmer who lives in Santa Rosa, Nicaragua

Angela's story

Read about a mother's love and a farming community in crisis

Angela’s farming community are in crisis. Now is the time to reach out to our neighbours near and far. 

Love never fails. When crisis arrived on our doorsteps this year, neighbourly love helped us through. 

Across the world, this same neighbourly love is helping some of the most vulnerable communities overcome hardships.  

In Nicaragua, the farming community of Santa Rosa has grown coffee for generations. Now they could be the last.This crop is struggling to grow as the climate crisis rages on.   

Angela explained: ‘With climate change, the coffee suffers from many diseases and pests. The sun has scorched the coffee beans, we cannot sell them and we're losing more every year because of climate change.’ 

Angela is worried about how she will care for her daughters, Johaira and Ariana. She said ‘It will be a total disaster and failure for us because as farmers, growing crops is how we survive. Where will we get our incomes?’ 

Donate now

Reach out to your global neighbours and help more communities overcome crisis.

But there is hope. With your support, Angela’s community is coming together as a local cooperative to share resources and knowledge and urgently protect their livelihoods.  

‘I feel proud to be part of a cooperative and we have the opportunity to share ideas and learn from each other,’ Angela said.   

The cooperative is supported by Christian Aid’s local partner, Soppexcca. They help Angela’s community come together with lots of different initiatives and projects, from school vegetable gardens to gender workshops. 

One of the main ways they are helping farmers protect their livelihoods is by shifting from coffee production to climate-resistant cocoa.  

Now, Angela is looking forward to the future with hope: ‘The income from the cocoa crop is very important. It means we can buy clothes, medicines and food.’

Angela’s daughter Johaira added:  ‘All of us in the family were involved with the project. We all know it's very important for the family income. I am proud of my mum growing cocoa. She is an inspiration.’  

The difference you could make

£9 - could provide 10 cocoa plants to help a family In Nicaragua start growing a better future
£53 - could provide tools to help a family in Nicaragua grow and harvest life-changing cocoa plants
£713 - could pay for a trained technician to help a farming community in Nicaragua for one month

When ordinary neighbourhoods come together, they can create lasting change. Just like during coronavirus and just like in Santa Rosa. In times of crisis, love unites us all.  

Around the world, many of our global neighbours living in poverty continue to face crisis in its various forms. Love knows no distance. Donate now and reach out to your global neighbours and help more communities overcome crisis.

Donate now

Reach out to your global neighbours and help more communities overcome crisis.