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Leinster House Ireland

Coronavirus: Cancel The Debt

Call on the Irish government to use its influence in the EU, the IMF and the World Bank to cancel debts for the Global South.

Our local neighbours are feeling the devastating effects of a virus that impacts us all.

As the pandemic spreads into the poorest countries in the world, our neighbours around the world will face these impacts, often without the same safety nets we’ve seen at home.

The most vulnerable are falling ill and the economic impacts are leaving people who were already struggling, without a way to feed their families and survive this crisis.

Right now, you can help prevent people from suffering and death due to the health and economic impacts of the pandemic by supporting calls for a debt ‘jubilee’ – requested by governments of poor and vulnerable countries. This would mean debt repayments of poor countries are cancelled during this crisis.

Will you call on Minister Pascal Donohoe to broker a debt relief deal for the poorest countries?

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