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Christian Aid COP26 prayer chain event

Make your voice heard at COP26

It's time to be heard.

The climate crisis is a storm we all face, but we’re not all in the same boat. For some, the storm is stronger and the waves are already breaking.

This year is crucial in the struggle for climate justice. As the UK government hosts the United Nations COP26 climate talks in November there is an opportunity to stand with people on the frontline of the crisis to demand action not words from world leaders.

It will take all of us to stop this climate crisis and that means we need you!

The climate crisis hurts us all, as we’ve witnessed recently with heatwaves across the US and Canada, extreme rainfall leading to devastating flooding in parts of Europe. However, although we are all in the same storm we are not in the same boat. Those living in poverty in the global south experience the worst impacts of climate change every day and yet have done least to cause the problem. This is an injustice.

Our leaders must take action to

  • increase financial support to the world’s poorest countries to confront the climate crisis,
  • limit global temperature rise to 1.5oC
  • stop the expansion of fossil fuel energy and to support clean energy

From now on, every moment matters and every action counts in the fight for climate justice.

Will you rise to the moment?

Make your voice heard at COP26

There are various options to help you, your church and community to get involved in making noise for climate justice in the run up to COP26.
Christian Aid Ireland supporters take part in Belfast's Climate Strikes

Campaign action in Northern Ireland

Campaign action in Northern Ireland
Christian Aid Ireland supporters take part in the Climate Strikes in Dublin

Take action in Republic of Ireland

Christian Aid is part of the Stop Climate Chaos coalition, take our latest action here.

Rise to the moment activity pack

Make and send us paper boats with your messages for leaders at COP26
Christian Aid 75 anniversary TEASER

Prayer chain

Pray without ceasing: join our chain of prayer for climate justice.

Take part in the Great Big Green Week

In September communities across the country will join together for the Great Big Green Week. It will be the biggest event for climate and nature ever

Organise a Climate Sunday service

Hold a climate-focused service on any Sunday before COP26. So far over 1,000 churches have joined in, could your church add its voice?