Collectors for Christian Aid Week

Collect house to house

Together, our supporters delivered millions of envelopes to people's homes last year. Could you help us do the same by holding a house-to-house collection this Christian Aid Week?

Volunteers from churches have been collecting house to house during Christian Aid Week since it began more than 60 years ago. Each envelope delivered proclaims Jesus’ good news to the poor. And each envelope collected could help a mum living in poverty in Sierra Leone to give birth safely.

Tenneh in Sierra Leone with her baby boy

Collecting house to house could help build a new health centre for mums like Tenneh.

Photo: Christian Aid Ireland / Tom Pilston

Help mums like Tenneh

Tenneh gave birth to Ansumana three months ago. Thankfully, he’s a happy, bouncy baby. But Tenneh has loved – and lost – another child.

During her first labour, Tenneh was in great pain. With no health centre in her village, she saw a traditional birth attendant. When she started bleeding heavily and fell unconscious, she was treated with herbal medicine.

When Tenneh finally woke up, her entire body was swollen, and she felt very weak. Her baby wouldn’t breastfeed and, tragically, died at just three months old.

That day I will never forget,’ she says. ‘I felt sick like I’ve never been

It broke Tenneh's heart to lose her precious child and she knows that she, too, could have lost her life.

Stand with mums in Sierra Leone

Thankfully, when Tenneh became pregnant with Ansumana, Christian Aid had helped introduce healthcare for mums in her village.

By collecting house to house, you could help build a bigger, better health clinic for Tenneh’s community. For Tenneh, and mums like her, a new health centre would be a dream come true.


Register your interest in collecting house to house:

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We'll dance for three days when we get our new health centre