Diana Abbas is a psychologist working at a children's centre in Palestine

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Violence destroys lives, wiping out years of development and tearing communities apart wherever it strikes. But while peace may be broken every day, it is also built every day – by strong women and men determined to heal and transform their communities.

These are the frontline peacemakers at work in places like South Sudan, Colombia, Myanmar and Brazil. People like Diana and Hamza in Lebanon.

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Diana's story

Diana Abbas (pictured top) works closely with traumatised children at Nahr al-Bared camp, using drawing and storytelling therapy to help them recover.
Psychologist Diana says that many traumatised children come to the centre suffering from sleeping disorders, lethargy, depression and grief. Children like Naziha and Hassan, who have both struggled with the effects of conflict.

‘We try to provide the children with a place where they can find peace – working with them, their parents and their whole environment,’ says Diana, who received training from our partner Association Najdeh.
But resources are stretched. ‘There is a need for more psychologists – I don’t just handle cases here in the centre – cases are also referred to me from other organisations,' she says. ‘We need a playground for children, so that they can play in a safe way. We also need educational materials and games.'

Wessam from Palestine is a young refugee boy

Wessam, a young Palestinian refugee, takes part in a life-skills session at the centre where Diana works.

Photo: Christian Aid

Hamza's story

Hamza Essa’s family was ripped apart by the conflict in Syria. They were forced to flee their home in Yarmouk refugee camp for Palestinians when fighting made it too dangerous to remain.
Hamza, one of seven children, misses his brothers and sisters, who are displaced across several countries. He hasn’t seen one brother in nearly five years. 
In 2017, Hamza started coming to the children’s centre run by Association Najdeh to visit the social workers and take part in activities, including art therapy. ‘The centre has helped me a lot, because it makes me happy,' he says.

Hamza Essa's family was ripped apart by conflict in Syria

After receiving support at the centre, Hamza now helps other children.

Photo: Christian Aid

Stand with peacemakers like Hamza this Christmas

Now, after receiving training from Association Najdeh, Hamza volunteers at the centre, working to bring hope and joy to other young refugees.

'Now I help the teacher in her class. When I see someone crying, I tell them not to cry and tell them that they should stay strong,' he says.

Thanks to people like Hamza and Diana, peace is possible – but they need your help.

Will you be a peacemaker this Christmas?

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Peace is not losing a friend and not making my mummy sad. Peace is seeing my brother

Hamza, refugee and centre volunteer

What is Christmas Aid

Christmas Aid is our Christmas fundraising appeal. This year’s theme is ‘Be a peacemaker.’ By supporting Christmas Aid, you can stand together with those on the frontline of peacemaking, bringing healing, wholeness and hope to people affected by violence and conflict.