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Christmas Appeal

Build hope for communities in crisis this Christmas

Kawite collects water from the village pond in Ethiopia

At Christmas we celebrate Emmanuel, the incarnation of love.

A love that never fails. A love that unites. A love that builds hope.  

Will your church join us this Christmas in a collective moment of solidarity and hope? 

This December 13th, join us online at Carols for Christian Aid  to stand in hope with our neighbours near and far.  

This year we have learned that together we can face a global crisis. Now we stand in solidarity with our neighbours still facing crisis, with a love for our neighbours that builds hope.  

Find out how you can get involved.

Kawite's Story

A mother on the frontline of the climate crisis. Learn how love builds hope for Kawite and her family.

Kawite Koyrita, Mum of 10 poses for a photograph in Kugnara village, Fasha Kebele Saturday, Jan. 18, 2020.

Download resources

Use our resources to join with churches across Ireland in a collective moment of solidarity and hope

Join us at Carols for Christian Aid

Share a moment of singing and celebration with us on Sunday 13th December

Call on the government to build back with justice

Download resources for your church to campaign for those facing the climate crisis