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Christmas tree

Soap Builds Hope

Soap has been such a feature of all our lives this year. Around the world, it has protected people from coronavirus and Christian Aid partners have provided soap or access to nearly 250,000 people to help reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Soap is building resilience in different ways too. In Ethiopia where the climate crisis is hitting hard, soap is changing the life of mother-of three Kumana Kurasho (26) who has
been trained in soap-making by Christian Aid using the drought-resistant aloe vera plant native to the area and which thrives where other crops fail.

Kumana Kurasho joins fellow small scale entrepeneurs producing aloe vera soap in the Duraite Kebele Karsale village, Konso

We’ve all given and received soap sets for Christmas, which so often sit unused at the back of a drawer until next year. We don’t want this soap to be hidden away and forgotten about, we want it to be proudly on display and shared widely! In Ethiopia soap is bringing hope, and we want this soap to do the same.

Get involved

We're calling on our supporters to hang a small bar of soap on their Christmas tree this festive season to celebrate both the life-saving power of soap as well as to raise awareness that many of the world’s poorest people still lack easy access to soap and water.

Christian Aid soap on Christmas tree

Three easy steps for you to get involved:

  1. Hang your soap on the Christmas tree
  2. Train a soap-maker with our brand-new Charity Gift
  3. Share your pic on social media with the hashtag #SoapBringsHope and challenge 3 friends to do the same!

If you're interested in a Charity Gift, just select where you live:

Supporters in Northern Ireland

Supporters in Ireland