Fisherman on the shore

Daily Bible readings

A passage, reflection, action and prayer for every day.

Christian Aid offers a passage from the Bible with a reflection, action and prayer for every day of the year. The Bible passages come from the New Revised Standard Version which Christian Aid uses in many of its worship materials. We occasionally reference the King James Version.

The writers of the reflections, actions and prayers are partners, students, staff, supporters and friends of Christian Aid.

Seeking the path of peace. 

Deteriorating situation in East Africa. 

Appreciating the diversity of life. 

A dream to see men and women liberated from poverty and injustice. 

God delights in the natural world, so should we. 

God is always there to help.

Allow good deeds to shine and show others the love of Christ. 

True love comes with a willingness to freely give.

Reaching out to your neighbours.

Ask God to equip and guide us to do his will on earth.