The Amazon rainforest is burning, we must act now

Act now

For decades the people of the Amazon have been fighting to steward the Amazon - the lungs of the world- often paying the price with their lives. Now it's on fire. 

Will you stand with the people of the Amazon and call on your Prime Minister to act?

Give now

Give to our work in the Latin America region to support the indigenous and traditional communities at the heart of protecting the rainforest. 

What's happening in the Amazon rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is burning.

This is not simply a natural disaster. It’s the result of a broken economic system: one that reduces nature and communities to commodities, puts profits before people and planet, and fuels our climate emergency.

The indigenous communities of the Amazon have been in the front line of the fight to protect this precious global resource for decades. And are now paying the price – often with their lives. 

It is these communities who need to be front and centre of the response to the escalating crisis. 

Your Prime Minister has called for more ambition to tackle the climate crisis and biodiversity loss. We are also facing a crisis of poverty and inequality. We need him and other world leaders to support the leadership of communities on the frontline of this crisis in any response.

Right now, communities of the Amazon need your solidarity more than ever.