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A woman holds one of 200 dry ration packs distributed by partners EFICOR in Dehli in 2020 to help households cope with loss of income over lockdown.

Coronavirus response: India

Helping vulnerable people keep safe during the pandemic

India has been devastated by a deadly second wave of coronavirus. In early May, cases were surpassing 400,000 cases a day and over 300,000 lives have been lost to the pandemic.

Across the country, hospitals have been overrun and oxygen supplies falling far short of demand.

Please stand with us and pray for our sisters and brothers in India.

The impact of coronavirus

Across the world, and especially in India, the most marginalised have been hit the hardest. Women, children, Dalit communities, informal and migrant workers, small-scale farmers.

Families who rely on income from a street stall or autorickshaw have been plunged further into poverty and are at increased risk to this deadly disease.

The Indian government has introduced some social security measures to support people whose lives have been disrupted by the pandemic.

But much needs to be done to ensure support reaches people who all too often get left behind due to lack of awareness, social stigma and discrimination.

How we're responding

Using funds from both the DEC and Christian Aid Coronavirus appeal, eight local Christian Aid partners are responding by targeting vulnerable communities in Delhi and four states in northern India. Since the start of the pandemic, we have:
reached with life-saving health information on how to prevent catching or spreading coronavirus.
helped to become aware of and access welfare support, including social security payments and food rations.
supplied with food who had been struggling to feed their families.

We have also helped over 10,000 expectant mothers get the healthcare they needed during the pandemic and nearly 3,000 infants get vital vaccinations for other deadly diseases. Reusable masks have been distributed by local partners to 2,000 people to help keep them safe from the virus.

Our partners are working hard to protect the most vulnerable communities in India from the devastating effects of this virus. But as the situation worsens and cases continue to rise, there is so much more to be done. 

With your support, we plan to: 

  • reach 100,000 people who have lost work during lockdown with food, cash, care kits containing soap and reusable masks as well as vital information on how to prevent the spread of coronavirus and the importance of vaccinations.
  • provide 2,500 manual scavengers who are experiencing mild coronavirus symptoms with basic medicine.
  • provide emotional support to 1,000 families in Kanpur who have been impacted by coronavirus.
  • support 50 isolation centres in rural areas, to allow people with coronavirus symptoms to safely isolate when they do not have sufficient space at home.

Please give what you can today.

Pray with us

As the second wave worsens in India, we have written a new prayer and set of prayer points so that you may hold vulnerable families in India in your hearts, as a church community and in your personal reflection.  

A woman holds one of 200 dry ration packs distributed by partners EFICOR in Dehli to help households cope with loss of income over lockdown.

Love unites us all

Your global neighbours urgently need your help. Please support our response to the coronavirus pandemic.