Cyclone Bulbul Appeal

Cyclone Bulbul has hit parts of India and Bangladesh. In Bangladesh alone, the cyclone has affected 1.8m people. More than 70,000 homes have been damaged. Power and communication lines have been brought down. Survivors are in urgent need of food, clean water and medicine.

How we are responding

Christian Aid and our local partners are poised to respond to Cyclone Bulbul.

Our partners are currently assessing the scale of damage and planning the best way to help survivors to recover and rebuild their homes and livelihoods.

Please give what you can to the Cyclone Bulbul Appeal

Your donations are providing:

Hygiene kit icon - toothbrush, toothpaste, soap

Hygiene kits

Food icon – bowl of food with cutlery


Shelter icon – a house


Water icon – water droplet


Medical assistance icon – first aid kit

Medical assistance

Along with others, Christian Aid has led much of the disaster preparedness work in Bangladesh over the past two decades and over the past three years we have stepped up the disaster preparation work in the region. This has resulted in significantly lower casualty figures. The natural habitat also absorbed the worst of the storm’s impact: without the forest, families would have been even more exposed.

However, people have lost their homes and means of earning a living, so we needs funds to support them as they begin the long, daunting task of recovery and rebuilding.

Please donate to the Cyclone Bulbul Appeal so we can be there for those in need.


Photo credit: Shutterstock