Over a million people so far have been affected by the unprecedented monsoon rains in Kerala, with the loss of 194 lives in the floods.

Kerala Floods Appeal

In what's said to be the worst rains in more than 100 years, over a million people so far have been affected by the unprecedented monsoon rains in Kerala - with the loss of almost 400 lives during the monsoon season since June. 

The heavy rains have brought Kerala State to a standstill; the airport and rail stations are closed due to the flooding. Most villages are waterlogged and difficult to access. The impact has been catastrophic. 

Right now, Christian Aid and its local partners are on the ground responding to immediate needs.

Over 1 million people are staying in around 4,000 relief camps in Kerala - but millions more are at risk and in urgent need of shelter, food and clean water.

We need to act now.

Please donate to the Kerala Floods Appeal, so that we can reach survivors throughout Kerala, and other affected Indian states, with essential supplies.

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If we raise more funds than we're able to spend in Kerala, we will use them to support other flood-affected areas in India. 

How we're responding

Our partners are in the affected areas and have already begun to respond.

Alongside our local partner IGSSS (Indo-Global Social Service Society), our team is carrying out assessments in affected areas, talking to local people affected by the floods.

We're providing:

  • Sanitation supplies, including water filters for communities and 100,000 chlorine water purification tablets
  • Shelter materials including tarpaulin, rope and blankets
  • Household kits including buckets, kitchen utensils, bed sheets, underwear
  • Hygiene essentials such as soap, sanitary pads for women and girls

major concern is the loss of livelihood sources such as farmland, labour, crops, stocked grains, seeds, fodder, livestock etc.  Many families have no other livelihood options.

Your donations are providing:

Education icon – a pot containing pens, pencils, ruler


Children who lost all their belongings in the floods will need school bags and books.

Hygiene kit icon - toothbrush, toothpaste, soap

Hygiene kits

To protect people from water-borne diseases like cholera.

Shelter icon – a house


Our local partner CASA (part of the church of North India) is providing shelter kits.

Food icon – bowl of food with cutlery


Dry food ratios will be needed as families leave the relief camps.

Tools for work icon – watering can with water

Tools for work

Agricultural tools, seeds and fertiliser are needed.

Water icon – water droplet


Water filters and 100,000 chlorine tablets will be distributed.

A house lies destroyed during the floods in Kerala

Kerala floods: one family's story

A tribal family of five – a married couple, their 2-month-old baby and elderly parents – lost their house in the landslides.

They were lucky to escape and climb to safety, but they can't go back; at present they've no other option but to stay in the relief camp.

Kerala's government is providing support in relief camps, and has announced that it's providing relief packages for the families – but it'll take some time for this family to receive that support, and return to a normal life.

Photo: A house (not the one described) lies destroyed during the floods in Kerala. Credit: Christian Aid