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Love never fails

Coronavirus impacts all of us. But love unites us all. Join us in prayer for our neighbours near and far.

Prayers in a time of coronavirus

Love never fails

Even in the darkest moments, love gives hope. 

Love compels us to fight against coronavirus alongside our sisters and brothers living in poverty.

Love compels us to stand together in prayer with our neighbours near and far.

Love compels us to give and act as one. 

Now, it is clear that our futures are bound together more tightly than ever before. 

As we pray in our individual homes – around the nation and around the world – we are united as one family.

So, let us pause and find a moment of peace, as we lift up our hearts together in prayer.

Prayers of thanksgiving and intercession

For the health workers tending the seriously ill

for the scientists working on a vaccination 

for the researchers analysing data and identifying trends

for the media outlets working to communicate reality

for the supermarket workers, hygiene and sanitation providers

for the good news stories of recoveries and effective planning

for the singing from balconies by locked-down communities

for the recognition that isolation doesn’t need to mean loneliness

for the notes through letterboxes offering help and support 

for the internet and telephones and technology that connects

for the awakened appreciation of what is truly important

Thanks be to God.


For those who are unwell and concerned for loved ones

for those who were already very anxious

for those immune suppressed or compromised

for those vulnerable because of underlying conditions

for those in the ‘most at risk to coronavirus’ categories

for those watching their entire income stream dry up

for those who have no choice but to go out to work

for those who are afraid to be at home 

for those who are more lonely than they've ever been

for those who are bereaved and grieving.

God be their healer, comfort and protection,

be their strength, shield and provision

be their security, safety and close companion


And raise up your Church

to be your well-washed hands and faithful feet 

to be present to the pain

to respond with love in action

if even from a safe distance.


God, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.

Prayers for those who are afraid

Don’t be afraid.

Were these words of rebuke

or words of comfort, O God?

For we are a people of fear

as well as people of faith

who need to hear, repeatedly,

through stories, angels, prophets and

the words of Your own son -


Don’t be afraid.

Words to calm and strengthen

troubled minds and hearts

caught in an unexpected tempest

suddenly buffeted by uncertainty

afraid that you are sound asleep

help us hear Your words

above the storm -


Don’t be afraid.

Words of hope and promise

whatever the diagnosis

for wilderness wanderers

who know that lent is not forever

who are brave and honest

who let the cracks show and admit

O God, we need to hear Your words

now, more than ever -


‘Don’t be afraid.’

‘Do not let your hearts be troubled.’

‘And can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your span of life…

…So do not worry about tomorrow,

for tomorrow will bring worries of its own.

Today’s trouble is enough for today.’


So help us, O God,