Boy carries a container of emergency supplies with the Christian Aid logo on, in Iraq.

Past emergencies

We have been providing emergency support since 1945

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Ebola crisis

A health worker tends to a woman

In March 2014, the largest ever outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease spread across West Africa. The worst-affected countries were Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

Ebola is much more than a medical issue; it affected the economy, education and healthcare systems and soon escalated into a humanitarian crisis.  

  • Worldwide, there have been 28,646 cases of Ebola virus disease.
  • In total, 11,323 people died from the disease.
  • 3,956 people died from Ebola in Sierra Leone.

Appeal launched

October 2014

Amount raised

€1.3 /£1 million

What we achieved

Our immediate emergency response included:
  • providing powdered chlorine to disinfect health centres
  • training more than 9,000 health volunteers who reached 50,000 households across Sierra Leone with key advice to prevent Ebola transmission
  • providing food and other essentials to those in quarantine.
As part of our vital recovery work, we’ve been:
  • supporting local organisations in Sierra Leone to restore health units and improve water and sanitation facilities, particularly in rural areas
  • helping Ebola survivors to rebuild their lives by providing livestock and veterinary services, seeds, farming tools and vocational training
  • training faith leaders so they can offer counselling to their communities
  • supporting orphans who've lost their parents to Ebola, offering psychological help and provision of essentials.