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Donate piggy bank money during lockdown


During lockdown, donate your spare cash to help the most vulnerable communities throughout the world

Few extra coins jingling in your pockets because you're missing out on your daily coffee or brunch with friends? Noticed an underspend in your car fuel budget?

These are very different times for us all, but if you're noticing a bit extra remaining in your weekly budget - you can put it to good use with Give-Instead. 

We've been inspired by some of our fantastic supporters who have already donated their leftover budgets - dining in their front rooms and donating the savings from what they would spend in a restaurant scenario or giving their unused gym membership for the next few months during lockdown. 

We are helping our partners to adapt during this pandemic, continuing our vital work with the most vulnerable people in the world. By donating your extra to Christian Aid you can stand together in love and solidarity. 


Your small change can make a big difference to the most vulnerable communities during and after this pandemic, please give what you can today

Other ways to get involved during lockdown

Zoom grid view

Quiz Aid

Connect with family and friends and help raise vital funds for Christian Aid from the comfort of your home.
Livingroom handstand

Join Active Aid

Get Active and complete a sponsored stay-at-home challenge to raise vital funds for some of the world's most vulnerable communities.