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Farmers like Jacqueline from Burundi

Jacqueline, a sunflower seed and vegetable farmer from Burundi

Jacqueline is a sunflower seed and vegetable farmer. With Christian Aid’s help, she has learned to adapt her farming techniques so that her crops thrive despite the unpredictable weather.

Thanks to the income she has earned from her crops, she has been able to build her own home and install a solar panel.

Jacqueline is working hard to do the best for her family in a way that will not destroy the planet.

We in Scotland also need to take urgent action to minimise the effects of climate change on our global neighbours.

Shifting to cleaner energy

In the Paris Agreement of 2015, world leaders made a long-term commitment to make progress towards limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C.

To achieve this, governments and scientists agreed that we must make a big shift towards a zero-carbon economy. This means taking action to cut our greenhouse gas emissions by switching to cleaner and renewable energy sources.

Over the summer of 2017, an incredible 18,000 people including Christian Aid Scotland supporters called on the Scottish Government to get ambitious about climate change.The new Climate Change Act will be unveiled in 2018.  

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