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Join Christian Aid Ireland for their annual Supporter Conference in Northern Ireland

Supporter conference 2021: Northern ireland

A morning to inspire, encourage and equip you with all you need to do something as part of Christian Aid's year of Climate Justice

Virtual conference (via Zoom)| Saturday 6 March | 10am-12pm

We're excited to welcome you to our Supporter Conference in 2021! We're keeping a close eye on government coronavirus guidelines and are making plans to meet in-person if possible, and online if not.

2021 is Christian Aid's year of Climate Justice, and we are calling on the church to pray, act and give. 

The world’s poorest people have long been living with the impacts of climate breakdown; families are torn apart by disaster, crops are ruined by drought and people’s homes and livelihoods are lost to rising seas. Global heating threatens the last 50 years of development work. 

The climate crisis has thankfully become a headline issue, but perhaps you’re wondering how you can respond, putting your faith into action to love your global neighbour? 

The Supporter Conference is a great way to explore how you can do something about climate change.

Our keynote speaker will be confirmed soon. 

Last March at our supporter conference, we had hand sanitizer available upon arrival and upon entering and exiting different rooms. We had no idea that almost a year later we’d still be doing the same thing - that we’d also be wearing masks and we’d be unable to have close friends in our homes. What is clear, however, is that meeting together (whether in person or on-line) is vital for our wellbeing and sense of encouragement.

Ruth Cooke Christian Aid Ireland

camera icon Ruth Cooke Christian Aid Ireland - Christian Aid Ireland

We’re excited about our conference on the 6th March: we want to get together with our committed volunteers to encourage one another, to be equipped together and to be re-inspired by all the hope there is even in the midst of challenges. We’d love for you to join us!

- Ruth Cooke, Head of Fundraising and Supporter Engagement

This is an important event for all supporters, collectors and church reps so please do prioritise attending this virtual conference and spread the word with fellow volunteers from your church.