These ladies are a collective of farmer, sharing a farm and working together to build their business in Akkanapuram Village, Virudhunagar District.

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Millions of excluded people in India face a life of poverty and prejudice. But a new project breaks down barriers and offers them a lifeline. Organic farming gives them a sustainable way of life: it means healthcare, education, and a better future for their children. 

The EcoVeg project is transforming lives now. By holding a Harvest collection, you can help people move from a life of hardship and rejection, to a future with dignity and joy.

All over the world, people are working to build a more sustainable future for themselves. Stand with them, and make this a season for change.

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Kamala's story

Every morning, Kamala combs and plaits her daughter’s hair, and wonders if she will still be going to school in the new term. Education is a huge opportunity for her children. ‘They dream of studying engineering or medicine,’ Kamala says. ‘I don’t read or write. They should not have to suffer the way I have had to.’

Kamala labours for 12 hours a day, but can’t even afford to give her children the bus fare to school.

Kamala is from an excluded community family and lives in Ammapatti Village, Madurai District, Tamil Nadu, India. She is a beneficiary of the EcoVeg programme.

Most women she knows live like this: working in punishing conditions in the chemical factories, as labourers on other people’s farms, digging ditches or cleaning the roadside. 

But even as the light fades on her long day, Kamala still hurries out to tend her own small field. EcoVeg can give Kamala the training to make organic farming a business, and get her crops shipped and sold for a good price. It’s a lifeline to a proper livelihood, and Kamala is determined to make it work.

Organic farming is transforming lives, today and for the next generation. Will you help?

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