Dimma, a lady in northern Kenya.

Lent and Easter Appeal

More than 40 million of our neighbours have been forced to flee their homes, but remain inside their own country. Will you walk with them this Lent, and bring hope in the wilderness?

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Dimma’s story

Before drought hit northern Kenya, Dimma’s life was good. Her goats and sheep gave her family meat, milk, and an income. But two years ago, the rains stopped – and her livestock began to die.

Drought forced Dimma’s family to travel far in a desperate search for water. Now, her family is separated as her son travels hundreds of kilometres with their remaining animals, searching for pasture to keep them alive.

How we’re helping

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, Dimma is now receiving money for food and animal feed from Christian Aid, which keeps her animals alive. She says: ‘Our life is on the line. If it wasn’t for this kind of aid, we couldn’t have survived.’

More than 40 million of our sisters and brothers are facing a similar wilderness. Forced from their homes, but remaining in their own country, they are overlooked and ignored. This Lent, will you walk alongside your neighbours like Dimma with our Count Your Blessings calendar?

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